Red Bull Campus Clutch Valorant university competition mega guide

Red Bull has a long history of sponsoring all sorts of events – including esports tournaments of course. Campus Clutch is the latest in that long series – and it has some pretty cool things about it! First off, it allows student players from all skill levels to compete… and that from over 50 different participating countries!

Students get the chance to represent their school first regionally, then nationally and finally globally. Successful teams will ultimately participate in the World Finals where the best university team will win!

Red Bull Campus Clutch

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Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch Event Info

Campus Clutch formally starts on the first of February, with the first qualifier starting – the one for Sri Lanka. That qualifier will last until the end of March – most countries’ qualifiers are happening by then, though ones like Italy will run over into April and even May. To date, the latest qualifier event announced concludes on May 23rd. That leaves plenty of time to prep for the big day – the World Finals are scheduled for June 2021.

The Campus Clutch event is part of the partnership that Red Bull has with Riot Games. For their Champions Tour. The prize pool is considerable as well – the World Final will have a pool of €20.000! That’s not bad for a non-pro tournament, and as any student knows, even just a small chunk of that can make the difference between Ramen for dinner… and Ramen and beer for dinner!

Further, the winning team will also receive a cutting-edge gaming setup for their school… and assuming COVID-19 doesn’t cause problems, the team is also invited to attend the Valorant Masters main event.

Simple Red Bull Campus Clutch Sign-Up guide

Some 55 countries and thousands of universities are eligible for Campus Clutch worldwide. The only requirment is that you have to be enrolled in university/college during the event and obviously be 18+ years of age. Be sure to check out if your country has an event set up on the calendar.

There is a duality to Red Bull’s rules regarding your team composition. On one hand the rules state that every roster has to be formed by players form the same university (25/1), yet there is also an option to sign-up as a solo participant and be put into a team formed from other solo players. We expect the rules will end up shifting towards players needing to be from the same country/region at the very least.

Registration for the event is free, but your team roster has to stay the same throughout the event. Each team is be allowed to replace only a single team member. In order to Sign-Up, select the event closest to you from the following Event list, and hit the Apply Now button. Most qualifier events are organized on the FaceIt platform.

It seems that some countries are eligible for Red Bull Campus Clutch events but you are unable to sign-up for a qualifier event. Regional pages redirect back to the general Red Bull event page meaning there is some qualifier event still to be added, or will not be held at all.

We will update regional qualifier updates and general event update once the competition kicks off.

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