Red Canids the Frontrunners – CBLOL 2022 Split 1 Preview

Now that all the major regions have started the spring split, it’s time to talk about the Brazilian League: the CBLOL 2022 Split 1!

The action will be starting on Jan. 22, so let’s see what the best teams have done so far in the off-season and what we can expect for Week 1!

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Red Canids – Are they still the best team in the CBLOL?

I think that Red Canids, 2021 Split 2 winners Worlds 2021 representatives, are still the best team coming into 2022. The main reason behind this choice is the fact that despite their poor regular Split 2 performance, the team steps up when it’s actually needed. In addition, they are one of the few teams to have not made any changes to the roster. This actually benefits them at the start of the year more than anything else, since the team only needs to tweak around very few stuff. Not to mention that 4 of the 5 players decided to extend their contract with the organization until 2023, meaning that the players are willing to commit for a longer period of time.

It will be interesting to see if Bárbara “jime” Prado gets some play in her ADC role, especially since there are rumors she heavily scrimmed with the team in the off-season. Regardless, the REDs are looking great once again this season, and will be our top pick for the opening weekend.

FURIA Esports’ great signing

The CBLOL has always been one of the most followed leagues in Latin America, with a big and increasing fan base and very promising teams. Throughout the years, the representatives have tried to make their strong performance at Worlds, but they were never able to impress enough. Will this be the year of the change of trend? Well, FURIA Esports tried its best…

The esports organization was able to sign and bring together some of the best players in the region. Out of all of them, support RedBert is the one to stand out: he won two splits in the last two years and also participated at Worlds 2020. Together with players picked up from last year’s playoff teams, the roster does have good potential. It remains to be seen whether the team will actually gel together and perform well.

CBLOL Split 1 Week 1 Match Predictions

It is very hard to predict CBLOL’s team performance since we haven’t gotten the chance to see their level of play coming into 2022. In order to maximize our returns to start off the year, the best strategy would be to go for the less risky bets and go for the easier matches. Red Canids, as one of the best teams, are definitely worth looking at. Another team would be PaiN Gaming, one of the be as strong as it seems.more famous and long-lasting organizations in the CBLOL.

If you want to go for a riskier one, FURIA is facing LOUD, as both teams should have a similar level of play. Below you can find the betting odds for Week 1, offered by

Rensga vs Red Canids 

  • Winner: Red Canids (1.54x)
  • First Blood: Red Canids (1.62x)


  • Winner: LOUD (1.74x)
  • First Blood: FURIA (1.88x)

PaiN Gaming vs Liberty 

  • Winner: PaiN Gaming (1.3x)
  • First Blood: PaiN Gaming (1.54x)

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