Recent Ampere Analysis on mobile gamers finds big game preference gap

Mobile games become more prevalent with every new generation of smartphones. Back in 2005, there used to be mobile games that could run on the Java OS. Since then each year there is new technology and hardware launched in the mobile phone industry. While a particular domain which has seen steady growth is the mobile gaming industry. Currently, there are games which can make sure to use every bit of power that a phone’s chipset could provide. Unlike PC gamers, many mobile gamers don’t stick to one game or one genre and well there are many reasons for this.

Recently, Ampere Analysis gave us a nice hint of mobile gamers preferences. Surprisingly to some, the data shows a wide variety in game choice and selection. Interestingly, there is no overlap in genre selection across many categories.


What did Ampere Analytics realize in their report ON Mobile Gamers?

Recently Ampere Analytics conducted a Survey on various mobile gamers who had played Call Of Duty in the last 3 months. Following that they also made a list of other games which they played at that time. This survey was conducted across six Western markets in the world.

While the results of the survey would be quite shocking to most PC/Console gamers, they are utterly unsurprising for the mobile gamers crew.

The proportion of Western Call of Duty: Mobile gamers who played other titles in the last 3 months:

  • Call of Duty: Warzone: 52%
  • Fortnite: 45%
  • Grand Theft Auto V: 42%
  • Minecraft: 38%
  • EA FIFA: 37%
  • Candy Crush Saga: 34%
  • Clash of Clans: 27%
  • Among US: 25%
  • Apex Legends: 20%

It’s quite clearly seen that the genres of the other games on the list vary drastically between one another. With such a difference it does show quite a different tendency when compared to other domains. Many times while someone is a gamer who enjoys first-person shooters on PC, they tend to play that genre a lot. While trying out various other games in the same domain. While also there can be a shift to maybe a Battle Royal or a third-person shooter. They would prefer to stick to genres which consist of various kinds of shooters with either a story-intense game or gameplay intense one. While making a shift to online play to either play with their other friends who enjoy the game genre of gaming. But mobile gamers are much different than that and one major reason is accessibility to play the games.

How different are mobile gamers and PC gamers?

To start up, we qualify Mobile Gamers as those who plays a video game from any genre on their mobile phone regulary. Be it a simulation of their favourite handheld console or even Candy Crush.

The major difference between a Mobile Gamer and a PC gamer is when and where can they play. Due to the portability of mobile phones, a person simply needs a phone and based on the type of game requires a stable internet connection. With time, there has been a greater emphasis on online games that can be played with friends. As such games like PUBG, APEX LEGENDS AND FORTNITE have become the most grossed games. While games like subway surfers and Temple Run have simply been a game to play when there is no internet available.

New decked out phones are so “overpowered” their specs are getting out of hand. The benchmarks of the mobile due to the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen +1 processor chipset are as high as an Android phone can be. On PC there are certain games which need high specifications to run graphic intense games, on mobile phones it’s different. In the eyes of most mobile gamers, they would prefer a device which will give them the best of both worlds. While being allowed to play Graphic intense games, they can shift to puzzles or even various GBA ROM Hacks with ease.

With the rise of easily accessible fast internet, people can play and download various games in the bink of time. Due to this, it has led many to keep the various genre of games on their mobile and play them based on their mood. While on a public transport service they can play the puzzle game Candy Crush and when at home or in Starbucks, choose to play PUBG. This flexibility which is provided to a mobile user is a major factor for the result of the analysis by Ampere.

Mobile gamers are not tied to a location and setting, and their choice of genre is way more flexible. PC and Console gamers sway from their select genre at a much much lower rate, and tend to have a specific setting for gaming.

What recent analysis shows us is that we cannot apply the same guiding principles to all gamer groups, and that mobile gamers are much less of a genre specialized monolith when compared to their PC/Console counterparts.