RGE vs MAD – LEC Summer Playoffs Round 1 Preview & Analysis

Now that we covered the LEC Summer Playoffs losers’ bracket, it’s time for us to check out the match between MAD and RGE in the winners’ bracket.

The stakes? A guaranteed spot at Worlds. Let’s break the match up down with complementary odds from Midnite.


LEC Summer Playoffs – Round 1 Winners’ Bracket – RGE vs MAD

The second and third seeds from this summer split should be happy with what they have achieved so far. With that being said, we probably were expecting a little bit more from Rogue who is notoriously famous for being extremely strong in Bo1s. This time, however, they only managed to finish 3rd, one victory behind the top 2.

On the other hand, MAD Lions have made a great recovery from the disappointing spring split. The player change in the mid-lane with Nisqy returning back was a really great choice since it completely changed the way the team played. His playstyle also fits really well with the meta and in one part of the split, MAD looked like the undisputed best team. The team also won the best coaching staff award and had 4 of the 5 players on the LEC’s first all-pro team.

Rogue vs MAD Lions features similar identities

The series will be super interesting to watch because of the similarities both teams have. Throughout the split, both Rogue and MAD have been strong at finding leads in the early game and taking control of the pace of the game. Between the two, MAD have done it more aggressively compared to Rogue, due to drafting stronger jungle-mid duos.

From a player perspective, I think that both teams are similar in terms of strength. I would maybe give the edge on Odoamne in the top lane, but MAD are even or better in the other roles. When two teams are on equal footing, the draft preparation will be the main factor.

I’m expecting MAD to keep playing their own comfort style, with Elyoya and Kaiser constantly making actions on the map. They will likely get rid off of certain mid picks in order to force Larssen on scaling and disallow him from answering to Nisqy’s roams.

Rogue, instead, might decide to choke out Unf0rgiven and aim to give leads to Comp. Rogue prefers to wait out more than MAD when it comes to teamfighting, especially when Comp is on champs like Senna and Sivir.

Picks like Zeri, Renata will likely be taken away, since they are the two most banned champs by the two teams. Other priority picks will likely be Azir, Sivir and Ornn or GP for Rogue, and Zeri, Taliyah, Gwen for MAD. There are many champs in the jungle role, so it will be a matter of handshaking picks depending on compositions.

Overall, I think that the series might go to Game 5. MAD Lions have looked better than Rogue, but the latter excels as the game goes longer. If MAD is not able to dominate the mid-game, Rogue will likely take over the games.

Remember to look at the drafts and the picks mentioned to make better strategies. Below you can find some of the best bets and odds offered if you go to Midnite:

  • Winner: Rogue (1.97x)
  • Correct Map Score: Rogue 3-2 MAD (4.20x)
  • Race to 5 kills: MAD (1.85x)
  • First Blood :MAD (1.88x)
  • Total kills O/U 24.5: Over (1.80x)
  • Both teams to destroy an inhibitor: Yes (5.90x)
  • Total dragons slain: over 4.5 (1.83x)
  • Total Barons Slain O/U: over 1.5 (2.12x)