RLCS NA 2022-23 season kicks off this weekend with Fall Open

Following an electrifying prior season and heading to it’s 12th season of running this year, RLCS is back once again and with it comes a refresh. With a new logo and visual style in tow to elevate the brand and the game’s commitment to esports, this year the Fall Open sees the best teams competing for spots on the world stage.

While initially confusing, the Fall Split is technically the first in the new year of the season, with the Winter and Spring splits coming after, though all lead in with regional events and culminate into an international Major. Accumulating points (Aptly named RLCS Points) over these splits and events throughout the year through their performances and placements, akin to a ‘Super License’ in the motorsport world, will dictate whether teams would qualify for either the World Championship or potentially the World Championship Wildcard.

RLCS Fall Open NA

RLCS North America is stacked this season

The teams set to compete in the Fall Open make quite the stacked competition – The North American side of the scene has become one of the strongest we’ve seen in years, with the likes of G2, an organisation with a strong history and one of success in Rocket League, but also an organization looking for some good news as of late following the controversy regarding their CEO and are looking on very strong form. Going against teams like FaZe Clan, who have had a strong round of form and if some early scrims are any indicator look to be one of the teams to watch, alongside fan favourites like Spacestation Gaming and FURIA.

All matches in the Qualifier run using a Best of 5 (Bo5) system and key to this season, the Fall Open this year is employing the Swiss Stage format. The key differentiators with this format is for competitors not requiring to face every single possible matchup, and is aimed at filing through a high quantity of competitors in a short amount of rounds. Another benefit is not being knocked out after a single round, with teams having at least 2 chances to stay within contention, as well as a chance to fight back from the bottom, without the drawn out process of a round-robin setup or the complexity of a Double Elimination bracket.

At the end of it all, only 8 teams will qualify and be put through to the full Fall Open event, with the bottom 8 being relegated to the Closed Qualifier and having to once again compete in a Swiss Stage format competition to stay within contention or be eliminated from the series entirely.

Opportunities for “newcomers” after qualifiers

Teams like Stromboli, fell under the pressure when stacked up against series legends and giants like Complexity and NRG. Those joining from Closed Qualifier had to contend with the Top 8 teams coming from the Open Qualifier, where up to 48 teams fight for 8 spots in a Double Elimination bracket. Even teams like DarkZero Esports, with RLCS legend ‘Turbopolsa’ didn’t make it in.

The new rosters of AXLE and Sol made it in tho, and will have a chance to build their reputation up during this entire event. The RLCS Fall Open is technically already underway. The main event however, will take place over this weekend.

Do not miss out!