RNG and LNG with key matches to shift the standings in LPL Week 8

LPL’s action is hot already coming into Week 8. Three teams have already locked their playoff spot, while the mid pack being very close to each other.

Every series matters in the final three weeks of play. Three teams can pretty much secure their Playoffs berth in the following days.


LPL Week 8 Preview

Let’s take a look at some of the most important matches for the week and who is favored coming into the series.


Royal Never Give Up will face JDG in Saturday’s last match. JDG have already secured Playoffs and are comfortably in second, but RNG are currently are two series short. They are on a 4-win streak, but all the series have finished 2-1, including against some of the weaker opponents like WE.

The team continues to rely on their superstar GALA, and now that hypercarries are slowly coming back into the meta, it will actually favor them even more. Aphelios and Jinx will be traded back and forth, with both GALA and Viper piloting them to their max potential.

The most curious part about the JDG’s roster will be Kanavi. It feels like the entire team relies on the jungler to have a solid game. In the rare occasions when Kanavi flops, their games get sloppy and JDG looks like a completely different team. Their Game 2 in the series versus iG showed just how much JDG relies on a performing Kanavi.

In terms of potential, I think both teams are quite close right now. Teamfight-wise, I believe the two are pretty leveled, but I’m favoring RNG for their slightly better macro. Below you can find the best odds offered by GG.BET:

  • Winner: RNG (1.73x)
  • Race to 10 kills: RNG (1.83x)
  • Total kills: over 25.5 (1.71x)
  • Map Duration: over 30.5 (1.67x)
  • Total Maps: over 2.5 (1.97x)
  • Correct Map Score: RNG 2-1 JDG (3.52x)


Coming into Week 8, LNG has faced all the tougher opponents for their Playoffs bid, and everyone that remains is arguably weaker. They face the toughest opponent and Playoffs contender EDG this week, and a win here should make them feel at ease for making into the post-season. EDG has similar ideas though, especially after a tough defeat to RNG this past weekend.

Both teams face similarly “weak” opponents until the end of the split, and both would like to pretty much secure Playoffs in Week 8.

In terms of relative strength, both teams are on par, with EDG potentially having a better player coming out of Jungle. With this role being key in almost every LPL match, we have to expect JieJie showing up in force to take his team ahead. If he doesn’t its LNG’s match all the way.

Overall, this is a more coin-toss of a match than people expect, the LoL odds don’t reflect this heavily:

  • Race to 10 kills: LNG (2.1x)
  • Total kills: over 25.5 (1.84x)
  • Map Duration: under 30.5 (2.2x)
  • Total Maps: over 2.5 (2.07x)
  • Correct Map Score: EDG 1-2 LNG (4.67x)