Rocket League Season 2 music, neon lights and big changes incoming

Popular esports title Rocket League waited quite a while before it launched its first ‘proper’ season, Fortnite-style, complete with a BattlePass, challenges and unique rewards.

Several years after launching which is definitely unusual for a game like this, the creators of Rocket League released that ‘first’ season – and it was a smashing success. So much so that now it’s time for the second season, and like the first, it will have a bit of a broad theme going on: Music!

That’s right, the second Rocket League season is going to celebrate all things music, and it will once again have a Rocket Pass and a ton of goodies to boot. This also means you have less then a week to complete your season one challenges if you haven’t done so already.

Rocket League Season 2

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Rocket League New Season Rewards

A whole new player customisation option is coming to the game – Player Anthems. Players will be able to select music they want to play at certain points, similarly to how CS:GO allows users to pick and choose different scores for their gameplay.

There will be a new car as well, of course – that would be the R3MX. Holders of the Rocket Pass Premium will automatically get access to the new car, and be able to get the final mix, the R3MX GXT once they hit Tier 70 in the pass progression.

Of course, similar rewards to the first season will be available too – that includes brand new wheels, decals, and goal explosions. Some of the items that you’ll be able to get with the Rocket Pass will even flash to the beat of the music that’s playing in the arena or menu. Keep an eye out for those in particular!

The new stage that will be added to the game once the second season pass hits is called Neon Fields – it will be available both in Online Playlists and in private matches. That’s not the end of it though – given the music theme it’s probably not much of a surprise to hear that this season also comes with some exclusive tunes – these include Will K’s Flip Reset as well as yet unnamed content from hitmaker Kaskade.

Rocket League Playlist

Together with the new season, a new feature will be added – Rocket Labs. It won’t be available for the full duration of the season, but will be around periodically. It’s a casual LTM Playlist, and you’ll be able to see experimental, non-standard arenas. These include classic Soccar, mutators and other game modes.

The creators have so far been a bit cagey about what exactly we can expect here, so we’re anticipating quite a few surprises from this mode. What we do know is that there will be a throwback to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars – a rather old vehicular soccer game that was released in 2008 by Psyonix… the very studio that develops Rocket League.

Rocket League Esports in Season 2

We expect the RLCS and Rocket League esports as a whole to benefit from this season’s flavor as well. With a focus on ‘music’, we can likely expect more artist or potentially RL themselves beefing up the broadcast experience with fresh tracks and unique tunes.

Neon Fields is the new map that will likely be pushed into esports as well. Unlike some predecessors, the new map is TRON-esque in design, yet fairly clean and clutter free. It should become a nice addition to competitive if it sticks.

Finally, the esports shop is getting a revamp, but well have to wait until next week to see what that entails.

When does it drop?

The Rocket League Season 2 will drop later this month – specifically, the update for the game itself will be available on December 8th at 4pm PDT, the day before the event itself launches. Be sure to download the update in time so that you can enjoy the new season as soon as it goes live without delays!

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