WePlay Dragon Temple – WePlay expands into Mortal Kombat 11

WePlay are currently one of the biggest names in Esports organizing, particularly in Eastern Europe. The company hosts events in a number of titles, but they’re about to expand into a new territory; fighting games.

Dragon Temple is a recently announced addition to the event roster for the organizer. This is a December tournament that’s going to pit some of the best Mortal Kombat players against each other.  It features a large prize pool and marks a major new entrant into fighting games esports.

WePlay’s entry into the fighting games arena is going to open up new territories for the genre. While everywhere tends to have active players, the region WePlay operates in doesn’t get the most exposure. A big tournament like this is bound to change that. It is marks the debut of the organizer’s new purpose-built stadium, the WePlay Esports Arena in Kyiv.

WePlay Dragon Temple MK11

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Dragon Temple

The WePlay Dragon Temple tournament is taking place over December 10-13th. The event is going to have a $60,000 prize pool on offer, so there is plenty of motivation there for the best players of the game. It is even going to be a return to in-person events.

The format of the tournament is fairly standard. There are group stages which are going to be followed by a playoff. The top four contestants from each group are going forward into a best of five double elimination bracket. This is going to mean a longer event with a lot of contestants, but a lot of action taking place over the course of the event.

The WePlay  Dragon Temple tournament’s format is particularly interesting given the year fighting games have had. Taking place in a LAN environment should eliminate the lag problems that have made competitive fighting tournaments difficult this year. The event will be held in the new arena however, there won’t be an audience in attendance just yet. This is a nice middle ground that will allow for smooth gameplay without the potential problems of a mass gathering.

Fighting games mainly see their action in the US and Japan at the moment, with a reduced presence in other parts of the world. Although, WePlay’s move into the genre will see bigger tournaments being held In new regions. Along with more events, we can expect the unearthing of more talented players as the community grows too. While this is just the first event, Weplay Dragon Temple is a great addition to fighting games’ esports scene.

WePlay going big in 2020

WePlay events are some of the biggest around for a number of titles in 2020. The Pushka League and Omega League were premiere level DOTA 2 events this season. They even embraced Valorant with the WePlay! Valorant Invitational as soon as the game came out.

This event marks their first foray into Fighting games however. A Mortal Kombat tournament is one of the most popular ones there are, as far as fighting games go. It makes a good choice for an entry into the genre.

WePlay are primary known for a few specific games. With a custom built arena and ambition in other esports areas though, they’re quickly expanding. WePlay could become the biggest organizer in Eastern Europe across a host of games.

You can follow the entire event at the official WePlay Twitch channel.

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