OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division – The main course is served

The OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division is set to begin today (August 14). Boasting a hefty prize pool of 500,000 USD, the OMEGA League is set to replace the postponed International 2020. The best rated times of all time have come together to try salvage a tough 2020 season.

The OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division - the main course is served

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OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division Format and Teams

The Immortal Division features a traditional tournament format, with group stage games being best-of-three single round-robin series. The Playoffs are double-elimination games, also best-of-three, except for the grand finals being a decisive best-of-five.

However, the group stage will not be concluding with any eliminated teams. Instead, the Play-in Stage is reserved for the fourth and fifth place teams from each group, which is a second shot at qualifying for the Playoffs. Even then, the four last-place teams will still have more opportunities to play, where they will be playing in the Divine Division.

As for the 12 participating teams, the OMEGA League invited most familiar and renowned teams to fancy the viewers. Starting off, the finer selection of teams include Team Secret, Nigma and Team OG. I reckon that these will be the favorable candidates in Dota 2 odds if you are looking to bet on.

Then, there are other prominent names in the picture too, such as Navi, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses and Alliance. Coincidentally, they are also past International Champions, albeit they have different rosters now. Lastly, filling up the remaining slots are FlyToMoon, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and 5men.

Evil Geniuses the oddball

Despite being the Europe Immortal Division, there’s one invitee that baffled the viewers. NA powerhouse, Evil Geniuses. EG is the only North American team among the twelve, but their presence is more than welcome for the viewers.

It’s certainly a breath of fresh air from the usual rivalry between European teams such as Team Secret and OG. Needless to say, fans are excited to watch Evil Geniuses clash against the proclaimed strongest team in the world, Team Secret.

Although we won’t get to witness “Abed” Azel L. Yusop, the EG mid player, rest assured that EG will be a devastating threat in group A. Since Danil “gpk” Skuti will be a reliable stand-in for EG at the OMEGA League.

The highly-anticipated Kuroky stand-in

Speaking of stand-ins, team Nigma will be playing with their humble coach, rmN-, again. Unfortunately, Nigma’s captain, Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, is still recovering from his injury and wouldn’t make it for the event.

After their overwhelming victory at OGA Dota PIT S2, I doubt that anybody has complaints about Nigma. RmN- has shown great leadership and decent (if not, better) gameplay than Kuroky. With his well-thought drafts to highest KDA in his games, there’s a good reason why fans are loving the “new” captain.

With all due respect, however, we wish the best for Kuroky’s health and hope that he will recover really soon. After all, he is the International 2017 Champions.

The OG x Team Secret rivalry continues…

Last but not least, the Dota 2 community can look forward to the ever-growing rivalry between Team Secret and OG. Since Sébastien “Ceb” Debs had something to say about Team Secret’s arrogance, Team Secret has made it their cliché to taunt Ceb and team OG every time an opportunity emerges.

We are looking forward to the series between Team Secret and OG, along with another diss from the teams. Fortunately, the high-anticipated series is closer than we expected, as both OG and Team Secret are playing in group B.

Anyways, mark the date on your calendars, the group stage games will kick off tomorrow on WePlay’s Twitch channel. If you are looking into placing some bets, there are exciting deals offered by these generous odds and exotic markets down at We scoped all the betting providers before the event, and when it comes to the Immortal Division, this provider offers the most exotic markets and bets out of the whole lot.

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