How OG stole the show at the OGA Dota PIT S2

The OGA Dota PIT S2 was perhaps the most anticipated tournament of 2020. Thanks to team OG’s timely debut with their altered lineup, it was a doozy to watch. With the International 2020 being postponed indefinitely, Dota Pit’s 170,000 USD prize pool felt generous on top of the fiesta we witnessed.

How OG stole the show at the OGA Dota PIT S2

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OG’s OGA Dota PIT S2 Tournament Recap

8 teams hailing from the Europe and CIS region were invited for classic best-of-three series in the playoffs, except the grand finals being best-of-five. Dota Pit invited a fine selection of teams to participate in their seasonal tournament. Notable teams such as team OG, Nigma and Alliance were the favourites from the EU scene. Meanwhile, CIS has their own warriors as well, such as VP.Prodigy and Natus Vincere being the top dogs of the tournament. Lastly, let’s not forget about the underdogs filling up the remaining slots,, Ninjas in Pyjamas and FlyToMoon.

Move aside, ana.

Ceb’s return to the pro scene might just be the most exciting news we had for months. For OG fans, it’s a glimmer of hope that team OG is back to make games entertaining to watch. More specifically, it’s Ceb’s infamous tipping and chat wheel spamming shenanigans.

While everybody was all over Ceb however, Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng stole the spotlight with his incredible performance. In the first series against, Midone played Spectre and made stunning plays. After his team got wiped out, he was left to fend off’s 5-man squad alone.

Agaisnt all odds, Midone attempted to escape by activating his ultimate, Haunt. As he continuously shifted from one illusion to another. failed to catch the real Spectre thanks to Midone’s elusive play as overstayed their welcome.

TI8 and TI9 OG vibes

Anyways, the Spectre pick that won team OG their first game, made it to the headlines instantly. That’s because the Spectre pick had a nostalgic resemblance to ana’s play style.

In the International 2018 grand finals, Anathan “ana” Pham played his signature hero, Spectre, in the first game and won against PSG.LGD. After that, PSG.LGD gave respect ban on ana’s Spectre in every other game.

If the Spectre pick doesn’t scream TI8 vibes, then perhaps carry Io will. Till this day, no team has ever used the carry Io meta as effectively as ana in team OG. Team Secret attempted to replicate the similar strategy in the International 2019, but to no avail. Yet, even without ana, team OG seems to know how to play around the carry Io. When facing FlyToMoon, team OG drafted Io and Faceless Void carries as their combo. Despite being a carry hero, Midone’s Io was responsible for saving Topson from the enemy Doom.

Team OG’s journey ends with a third-place finish

Unfortunately, team OG’s lower bracket run was halted by Alliance in the semi-finals. S4 and the boys over at Alliance proved to be the more vigilant squad today. Nevertheless, the third-place finish is by no means a negative. Ceb’s return to the roster and still pushing till 3rd is an achievement in itself. OG does have kinks to work out before the next event, and we are glad they are trying out more flexible strategies on the go.

It’s good to know that OG is back on the right track of becoming a top candidate in Dota 2 betting.

The upcoming Omega League will finally feature Team Secret back from their vacation. They will try to take on the mantle of hard winners of 2020 once again. However, we would also love to see team OG hold up against the powerhouse. Having three or more heavy contenders in EU/CIS is always good for the competitive scene.

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