The OG Mania – Ceb returns, SumaiL’s out and JeraX tweets

Team OG’s roster has never felt more complete with the return of Sébastien “Ceb” Debs. Formerly the lively coach of team OG, Ceb finally felt the urge to return to his former glory, as his team’s offlaner. With The International postponed until at least 2021 there is still a chance our OG special story comes true.

As anticipated, Ceb is back to the roster and OG feels reinvigorated.

Ceb Returns

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Ceb is back. Where’s Axe?

Fans of team OG or not, the news about Ceb’s return has never been more celebrated than before. The goods news that came after a rather unimpressive run since the new roster debut in March 2020 is certainly a sight for sore eyes.

According to Ceb, his return to the player role came after months of self-reflection as a coach who motivates teams. Yet, he couldn’t figure out the emptiness he felt after winning two Internationals, then it hit him. All he wanted was, “to have a chance to play the game with them (team OG), and to have what we have going like our friendship and trust”.

Besides the lovely glamour, Ceb is also hungry for success and performance, which team OG hasn’t felt since winning the International 2019. Ceb aside, OG fans are just as excited to catch team OG in action once more.

SumaiL is out

With Ceb filling up the offlane role, Midone takes over the hard carry role instead. Thus, former hard carry player, Syed SumailSumaiL” Hassan saw himself out of the organization.

It’s certainly heart-wrenching to know that Sumail couldn’t make do with team OG’s playstyle and meta. Team OG’s playstyle revolves around their hard carry to turn fights around during late game. However, Midone (who was formerly playing offlane) couldn’t replicate the unique supporting role as an offlaner like Ceb.

It also wasn’t the first time that SumaiL’s playstyle is not compatible with a team. More specifically, during post-TI9 roster shuffle, SumaiL left Evil Geniuses to join his brother, Yawar’s team, Quincy Crew.

After just 2 weeks, Quincy Crew announced that SumaiL will no longer be part of Quincy Crew. Jack “KBBQ” Chen, manager of Quincy Crew, tweeted that they tried to resolve their fit issues, but they just weren’t able to play around SumaiL’s unorthodox style.

Regardless, perhaps this cloud has a silver lining, that is SumaiL might return to his original role as mid player. Commonly proclaimed as the King (at mid), only fools would place Dota 2 odds against SumaiL.

JerAx on Ceb’s return

Amidst the great news, Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka expressed his thoughts on Ceb’s return along with updates on his. Unfortunately, it’s disappointment for those hoping for the return of the “one and only team OG”.

JerAx wrote that he hasn’t felt the urge to play Dota 2 yet after watching some team OG games recently. As of now, he still feels that taking time off his pro career has been the best decision, getting rid of the player façade he had over the years of competitive games.

Of course, having played in team OG for 4 consecutive years, the pressure and publicity have dealt a heavy toll on JerAx. While he has no intentions of going pro soon, it’s nice that he gave a heartfelt shoutout to his former teammate and wishing him well!

A stronger OG has entered the playing field

As for the rest of the competition, let’s just say many prominent teams are itching to have a taste of team OG’s newfound strength. At the OGA Dota PIT S2, team Nigma will be looking forward to having a revenge match.

Then, in 2 weeks, the clash between team OG and Team Secret will be highly-anticipated. The good guys over at Team Secret gave their warm welcome too. Anyways, with these exciting series coming up soon, we do offer a niche market for Dota 2 betting, so be sure to catch these games live!

All in all, it was about time someone shook up Secret’s dominance this season.

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