Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan is a young Dota 2 player that has been part of Evil Geniuses since January 2015. His rough start and young age made many EG fans question whether their favorite team had made the right call or not. However, it soon became clear that the North American organization had acquired a genius.


Today, SumaiL is one of the best Dota 2 professional players in the world. He’s a popular choice with both esports fans and players alike, due to his impressive playing style and background that dates back years – despite his young age (19). Read this guide to find out about SumaiL and how he got into playing video games as a professional. We’ll also tell you about the teams he’s played with past and present, so that you can get a good idea of his experience and caliber. You can also have a look at what SumaiL has managed to achieve in his career so far – which is a good indicator of how successful he will be within the Dota 2 professional scene in the future.

Player Background

SumaiL started his Dota 2 journey at the tender age of just 8 years old in his native Pakistan. After moving to the United States, he joined the North American Elite League. After only a short period of time, SumaiL became a respected powerhouse within the league. This success led to the Dota 2 player being recruited to join EG, the team with which he entered the Dota 2 League Season 5 finals in Las Vegas in January 2015. Unfortunately, neither SumaiL nor the team as a whole achieved great results in this event (EG finished 3rd out of 4 teams). Undeterred, they went on to compete in the Dota 2 Asia Championships, and managed to win the entire tournament – a mark of SumaiL’s skills.

Present and past teams

SumaiL played in a whole host of Dota 2 events, competitions and tournaments with Evil Geniuses – and proved his skills, strengths and determination over the years. So far, the only team he’s been in is EG, an adventure which has lasted for 3 and a half years and there’s no sign of a desire for change on either side. Both SumaiL and EG are happy with what they have right now.

Achievements so far

SumaiL’s biggest achievement to date has to be helping his team win The International 2015. After being invited to join EG just earlier that year, the North American squad toppled the competition with his help and took home the lion’s share of the massive 18.4 million dollars prize pool: $6.6 million. Following this success, SumaiL became the youngest player ever to win over 1 million dollars at an esports event.

Apart from this exceptional result, SumaiL has many other tournament wins in his portfolio, including Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015, Dota Pit League Season 3, The Summit 4, Captains Draft 3.0, Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn, China Top 2016, Dota Pit League Season 5, The Manila Masters, and GESC: Indonesia Dota2 Minor.

dota 2 international winners evil geniuses

Other important tournaments at which SumaiL got top placements with Evil Geniuses are The Shanghai Major 2016 (3rd place), The Boston Major 2016 (3rd – 4th place), and The Kiev Major 2017 (3rd – 4th).

At this point, SumaiL looks set to have a very successful career in professional gaming. He was one of Time magazine’s most influential teenagers for 2016 – an accolade that had never been awarded to a Dota 2 player before.

Role and specialization

SumaiL is known to be very good with a variety of heroes, but he’s particularly well known for his Storm Spirit, Ember Spirit and Shadow Fiend skills. More recently, he changed his mid-lane role within EG and started playing as the team’s offlaner. In this position, he often plays Beastmaster and Puck.

Current situation

SumaiL is currently part of an Evil Geniuses roster that includes 4 other great players: MISERY, Cr1t-, Arteezy and Fear. At the moment, EG is trying to get a top 8 finish within the Dota Pro Circuit rankings table for the 2017-2018 competitive season, in order to get a direct invite to The International 2018. With only a few Major events left and EG sitting at number 9 having 1335 points, SumaiL and his teammates will have to get some top 4 placements in order to reach their goal.


Evil Geniuses have always been a top 8 Dota 2 team. And even though they do not win or get top results at every Dota Pro Circuit LAN event they attend, they’re always a strong contender that can win against any opponent. Going forward, EG will certainly try to get back to its glory days. And to achieve this, it will probably rely on the exceptional abilities of its star player SumaiL.