Our top four misclicks and failures by Dota 2 pros

Legends, 10K MMR club members or International Champions, these are the titles that define the pinnacle of Dota 2 esports. But, misclicks and fails happen daily even at the highest level. When they occur, it is absolutely hilarious and memorable, and there is an accompanying clip for history to remember.

This is our selection of top silly plays that left allies and enemies baffled.

Dota 2 Pro Fail

Iceiceice’s frantic attempt to save a friend

During the grand finals of the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League, it all came down to the showdown between Fnatic and GeekFam. Fnatic, the gatekeepers of the SEA pro scene, was just a series away from raking yet another regional championship. Whereas for GeekFam, it’s an opportunity to stir up a storm for Fnatic fans.

Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang, the offlaner from Fnatic, became the infamous star of the decisive fourth game. During the clash in their base, 23savage was caught in the enemy Puck’s Dream Coil and didn’t want to break the coil which would result in him getting stunned.

There came iceiceice, using Firesnap Cookie on 23savage, causing him to leap out of the coil range, stunning him, and eventually dying. With no buyback on 23savage, he called a premature GG while his team still had high hopes of holding their ground.

To iceiceice’s credit, he merely miss-timed his skill by a millisecond before the enemy ultimate wore off.

The Legend of Cliffteezy

Next up, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev who accidentally re-enacted the incident where he gets stuck on a cliff. Better known as the “Cliffteezy” meme, the myth dates back to 2019 and the Chongqing Major.

Arteezy carelessly chased after an enemy Dark Seer, only to get himself dragged onto a cliff. The fail eventually led to the deaths of every other EG player, as Arteezy could not attack anybody while being stuck on the cliff. The fail was followed up with a hysterical quote from the caster, “Where’s your damage? It’s up too high!”, thanks Lyrical.

Ever since, Arteezy has regularly made similar fails in tournaments, the most recent at the BTS Pro League S2: Americas. During the game versus Thunder Predators, Arteezy was chasing its foes past the same location he got caught on the cliff. Surely enough, he got stuck after the enemy Mars landed the Spear of Mars on him.

A look back at the original clip below, and his most recent failure at the following Twitch Clip.

EternaLEnVy punishes those who fail

In the high Immortal-rank games, players are expected to show a certain level of seasoned decision-making and responsive game sense. Well, Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao adheres to such ideals much more seriously. In a casual pub game, his ally Winter Wyvern did not use his ultimate, Winter’s Curse, in time before the Anti-Mage escaped. The fail, which led to EternaLEnVy’s displeasure, made him decide to kill his teammate as punishment.

Since Winter’s Curse was reflected on Winter Wyvern, EternaLEnVy simply approached his affected ally with the intent of killing him off.

The 30-seconds Rapier

Lastly, it’s Gorgc in his casual ranked game adventures. Infamously known for his rage moments on stream, Gorgc also holds high regards and expectations for his teammates’ performance.

Ironically, this time, it’s him who made a dull play. Playing as Sven, the game passed the hourly mark, with Gorgc deciding on whether to purchase the Divine Rapier. He eventually picked it up and was ready to fight. But it didn’t take long before an enemy appeared and Gorgc did not hesitate to use his stun on him.

However, the enemy used Lotus Orb, reflecting the stun on Gorgc. It gave the enemy ample time to kill him off while he was disabled. The Divine Rapier did not last 30 seconds in his inventory, nor did he hit a single thing with it.

Finally, its important to remember that fails happen. Nobody is immune to them not even the best players. Don’t dread the next time misclick your cast.

In the end, tell us what your favorite misplays by Pros or Streamers in the comments below.

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