The OMEGA League Europe Divine Division kicks off today

The OMEGA League Europe Divine Division goes up and running today, after a hectic week of closed qualifiers between sixteen amateur teams. and 5men proceeded to the Immortal Division while the rest fight it out in the Divine Division.

The OMEGA League Europe Divine Division kicks off today

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OMEGA League Europe Divine Division Format and Teams

The tournament format is similar for the most part, with group stage games being best-of-three single round-robin series. Meanwhile, the Playoffs are double-elimination games, also best-of-three, except for the grand finals being a heavy best-of-five.

Ironically, the tournament format is really the only thing that remained similar to most tourneys we had. The Divine Division specificly has an exciting bracket arrangement for participating teams.

Only the twelve teams from closed qualifiers will be playing the group stage today. They will be joined by the four last-place teams from the Immortal Division who are seeded right into the Playoffs’ upper bracket. Besides these four to-be-announced floppers, the eight true competitors are B8, Cyberium Seed, 5Comrades, EXTREMUM, Khan, Omegalil, TEMPO and Voldemort.

Alongside are the literal gatekeepers who have a history of pro games such as HellRaisers, Team Unique, Cyber Legacy and Team Empire.

Raising Hell in group B

Tthe groups are clearly uneven, especially Group B, where Dendi’s B8 ended up. They will face off against two seasoned pro teams, HellRaisers and Team Unique.

Both teams consist of seasoned pro players, but HellRaisers are the clear favorites, as the former Navi player, Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov leads the team. Back in the International 2013, Funn1k played alongside Dendi to win first runner-up, losing only to Alliance in the grand finals.

After Funn1k departed from NaVi, fans have not heard much about his whereabouts since then. Until earlier this year, when HellRaisers announced Funn1k’s return to the pro scene. Although HellRaisers lost to in the close qualifiers, they are still undoubtedly the strongest candidate to win the Divine Division and are a solid for outright winner in Dota 2 Betting.

The not-so-amateur team in Group A

Over at group A,  Cyber Legacy is the absolute threat. Led by CIS veterans such as MagicaL and CemaTheSlayer, Cyber Legacy has become a frequent participant in most EU & CIS tournaments.

Looking back at their run in the closed qualifiers, Cyber Legacy held their own pretty well. Except against 5men, who proved to be the more resilient team. In both games, despite Cyber Legacy’s best efforts to keep up in gold lead, 5men’s hard carry player, Ace, was still the better carry.

However, let’s not forget about Zaur “Cooman” Shakhmurzaev, who was a highly sought after CIS carry player. He is the ace Cyber Legacy hides up their sleeves. In early April 2020, poached him from B8 after watching Cooman’s consistent and robust performance.

Group A is only about Cyber Legacy as Extremum, Khan, TEMPO and the lot are hardly worthy contenders. The rest of the matches in this group can be a coin flip. Ideally you can place a bet on who is going to win the group, and that choice should be Cyber Legacy.

Worthy Mentions

While the featured teams all consist of prominent squads and players. Several teams have shown decent performance during the closed qualifiers. For instance, Team Empire managed to force a close 3-game series agaisnt after their Game 2 comeback. Team Unique gave 5men a real scare in their second game. The squad managed to team-wipe 5men, despite having a 23,000 gold deficit.

Do keep in mind the real stars of the Divine Division are yet to drop down from the Immortal Division. Until then, the group stage will determine the six strongest teams from the close qualifiers. While the Divine Division’s games may seem confusing, the real fun and better contest comes later on this month.

Finally, on today’s schedule are the following three games:

13:00 CEST Unique vs 5Comrades
16:00 CEST Cyber Legacy vs Voldy
19:00 CEST B8 vs Cyberium Seed<

You can catch these games live on WePlay’s Twitch channel.

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