OMEGA League EU Closed Qualifier – Where every team gets a second chance

Once again, WePlay! hosts another action-packed tournament for the restless Dota 2 fans, upset about the International 2020 being postponed. The OMEGA League EU Closed Qualifier is one of three iterations that would ultimately give most teams two lives at playing the entire event. (sort of like a ticket to several carnival rides)

The Europe Closed qualifier is the first part that we can actually watch right now.

OMEGA League EU Closed Qualifier - Every team gets a second chance

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Everybody deserves a second chance

Unlike most events, the OMEGA League features an extravagant format, where, in layman’s terms, every team gets to play twice. Sixteen teams are competing for the main reward, tickets to the OMEGA League’s Immortal Division, where they will face greater threats. World-class teams await and a share of 600,000 USD in prize money.

After the initial group stage, every single team gets to play until they run out steam or end up losing too many matches in a row. The winners of the qualifiers will head straight into the Immortal Division while the “losers” of the qualifiers (any team below top 2 finish), can count their lucky stars, as they advance to the Divine Division of the OMEGA League. In total, twelve teams will proceed to play in the Divine Division. Both of these divisions will feature the current best EU/CIS teams in Dota 2. 

There is however a two teams that will be eliminated. There is only a limited amount of second chances for the worst two performers in the qualifier.

Dendi with another new roster

The face of Dota 2, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin and his B8 crew are still far from fans’ expectations. Three days ago, B8 announced yet another roster change, this time, they are scrapping their remaining 2 OG players, Ghostik and KingR.

Despite their celebrated debut at the OMEGA League, B8’s performance hasn’t seen much positive progress. They still rock questionable hero drafts and have poor team coordination. So far they made it out of elimination, so they are at least guaranteed a spot in Divine. We will see if B8 start digging their own graves again in tomorrow’s decider match versus Tempo. This time they can’t blame it on a Dendi DDoS attacks screwing up their probability of winning.

We still have B8 as clear favorites tomorrow at very favorable Dota 2 betting odds at The coefficients are currently 1.4 on outright winner and 3.21 on correct map score for a 2:1 B8 Victory. It’s a good starting bet slip to build your bankroll before Omega League kicks off in full force.

Underrated Teams and likely “winners”, a team who has recently emerged as a staple in the EU pro scene. Despite their achievements they still need to play the qualifiers alongside other “amateurs”. From third place in ESL One Los Angeles 2020 to the championship title at Cup,’s achievements just keep racking up.

Frankly, tournament organizers should have recognized their strength and invited them to the Immortal Division to boot. Regardless, is not one to shy away from stomping amateurs with indisputable force. Being the only team among the sixteen to have played against tier-1 teams closely, they are undoubtedly a strong candidate in Dota 2 betting. If you fancy going for an outright selection on who gets through to Immortal Division, should be your top pick.

“It’s anybody’s game at the qualifiers”.

As always, it’s not wise to count out the CIS squads who do not always stand out as prominent teams. The players from Cyber Legacy and HellRaisers, are definitely seasoned and resilient. It wouldn’t be shocking to see any of them take the top 2 spots either.

Finally, there’s also the European all-stars of team 5men. Four of its players are former Cloud9 players, plus Xibbe from team OG.Seed. During their series against Dendi’s B8, Ace showcased incredible coordination with his allies playing as Faceless Void. He landed a beautiful Chronosphere on 3 enemy heroes, killing them all and edged his team ahead of B8 in the series.

Remember to keep an eye on, HellRaisers, Cyber Legacy and 5men, as these teams have the highest chance of placing top 2 in these qualifiers. They are also naturally your picks to advance forward in Playoffs. Once again, it’s not the end for the remaining teams as well. Twelve teams will be proceeding to the Divine Division for Round 2 next week.

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