Rocket League Season 7 is bustling with content and cosmetics

The Maestro, a vehicle that is synonymous with luxury on the roads and Rocket League arena. Good news, you can now own it, along many other rewards are coming into Season 7 Rocket Pass.

If Rocket League cosmetics aren’t up your alley, the Competitive Rewards and Challenges will surely be worth the grind this season. And if you want to take this up to another level, Tournaments are back on the menu.

Season 7 Rocket Pass

From the Maestro vehicle skin to a golden Phoenix goal explosion, it doesn’t get fancier than this. The Rocket Pass Premium costs only 1000 credits to purchase in-game, and the tier progress is solely up to you, to put in the hours to level up.

At tier 1-10, the yellow-plated Maestro skin is yours to equip. However, there are higher tiers with more cosmetics to redeem, such as a purple Maestro, a yellow Jeep skin, goal explosions, and the list goes on. Nevertheless, the holy grail of the Season 7 Rocket Pass is only available at the peak tier of 61-70, the Phoenix goal explosion and a Captain America-painted Maestro.

Season 7 Rocket Pass rewards

Alternatively, you can get a head-start by purchasing the Rocket Pass Bundle at a discounted price of 2000 credits. That’s a 33-percent discount and probably a great deal in our book.

Nevertheless, the Rocket Pass isn’t exclusive to premium buyers, as there are free items for your progress too. However, don’t expect any vehicle skins, but merely equipment, such as wheels, a paint finish, and a topper.

Reap your competitive rewards and get free credits

It’s been a hustle during the Season 6, and it’s finally coming to an end. For the typical Rocket League player, you will be getting decals based on your respective Rocket League ranks. Additionally, Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend ranks also get title rewards as a bonus and recognition of their strength.

The new Rocket Pass costs quite the sum, but there are ways to earn some free credits. The new season comes with new challenges for players to complete and earn rewards, such as drops, items, and credits.

Tournaments are also a good source of credits and rewards, but require skills in such a competitive genre. Fortunately, Season 7 comes with a new training regime feature, which is Custom Training. Previously, the Training Mode is essentially for learning Rocket League basics, such as following a series of steps. Hence, it’s arguably not a training mode but served as tutorial.

The new season introduces Training Pack Progression, where there’s no specific sequence of steps to shoot a goal. This opens up creativity and a testing ground for players to pull off their inner Cristiano Ronaldo. A similar feature is available for making saves, whereby players can now rinse and repeat as much as they please.

The new training feature has been a long-time coming as fans have requested for these useful features to ease their practices. The Season 7 Rocket Pass and additional features are available from June 15 to September 7, so catch the thrills of owning a Maestro in Rocket League today.