Rocket League is spicing things up – the new Rocket Pass 3 is coming!

Rocket League, the incredibly popular mix of soccer and racer that took the esports world by storm is far from resting on its glory – in fact, Psyonix, the publisher has just announced a few pieces of news for the game! Eagerly awaited by many, all of this new content will be unlocked with the next update once it will be implemented into the game.

The first and most important piece of news here is the new Rocket Pass 3 – it will kick off on April 17th, a little later this month. The day before that, on April 16th, another new thing launches – the Esports Shop! It will let you show off your team pride for your favourite squads competing in the official Rocket League Esports.

Rocket League trading, Rocket League betting and Rocket League fantasy are another popular activities for Rocket League fans that will make your gameplay fare more exciting than before.


© Psyonix

Details about the shop aren’t known yet, with things like what it looks like, the exact items and prices, the look and more are going to be revealed next week. A day before the pass itself launches, this will have players quite broke, assuming they want to grab merch for their favourite team.

As for what the new pass brings – it will debut a Challenge system that will let players climb their way to the Pro Tiers. Exact details aren’t known on this yet either, but we do know that it’ll be a big deal – already, there is a new Replay FX system that is ideal for content creators and dedicated fans.

The FX allow players to change things like the depth of field, the background and more of their replays – you can also add green screen effects, adjust the colours and add post-processing effects. Though this new service is still in beta, it will be available when the new update goes live in its entirety.


© FC Barcelona

Along with all of the above, there will also be HDS support for PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. On a more meta note, there are things happening in the Rocket League esport as well – for example, FC Barcelona is expanding into Rocket League by signing a roster for it. The new team will debut in the European division of the RLCS on April 7th. This will mark the seventh season of the RLCS which will feature a partnership between Psyonix and ELEAGUE who will contribute towards the £764.700 that will be split between the winning teams.

Also part of the new season of the RCLS are Teams like Dignitas, Vitality, The Bricks, Triple Trouble and Mousesports in the European Edition and teams like G2 Esports, Evil Geniuses, Rogue and Ghost Gaming on the American side of things. All of these teams are swapping out players as well – the new season that launches in two days is going to be filled with new faces, names and all sorts of exciting plays and games, even before the challenges of the third season launch.

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