Rogue vs Misfits – LEC Playoffs Match Breakdown & Predictions

LEC Playoffs are here and the hype cannot be any higher! Rogue and Misfits Gaming will face off in the first match of the 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs.

Who will advance to the next round and who will go to the losers’ bracket? Let’s break it all down for you.

Misfits Gaming LEC

LEC Playoffs – Rogue vs Misfits Gaming

Following the end of the LEC 2022 Spring Split, Rogue were still able to defend their first-place finish. They finished 14-4 in the regular split, showing that they are still the kings of Bo1 series.

With that being said, Rogue has always fallen off when it mattered: Rogue has been struggling against other top teams in Best-of-5 series. It will be important to see whether they have also fixed their main weakness.

Nonetheless, they are the favorites coming into this series. If we’re looking at the matchups individually, the only one where Misfits are even on would likely be mid. Vetheo has been the shining star of the Misfits lineup and the main reason why they made it to playoffs as the 3rd seed. If Misfits wants to have any chance at winning this series, the French mid laner will have to pull yet another supper carry performance.

The mid-lane match-up will be super interesting to watch since Vetheo likes playing aggressive and more pick-oriented champions. On the other hand, Larssen has always been more prone to play control and scaling mages so we will have to see if Vetheo can actually punish Rogue’s mid.

With that in mind, the junglers will have to make sure to help them out. On one hand, we have Shlatan, who is known for his  Lee Sin and Xin Zhao. On the other, we have Malrang, who not only plays Lee Sin but also plays a lot of the Blind Monk’s counters.

In terms of champion pool, the Korean jungler should have a slight edge.

How will the two teams draft?

The meta has been pretty much stale since the start of the season. Aside from the top lane where Hullbreaker has been rising up in popularity, the other roles offer more or less the same champions, especially in the ADC role.

Both Rogue and Misfits love Jinx, since it has been the most picked champion by both marksmen: I’m expecting her to be banned in most games. As a consequence, Aphelios, Zeri and Jhin will likely be the played ADCs in this series.

In the other roles, there should be a little more diversity but both teams should play in a similar way. Split push top laner on the side lane, an early game impact jungler, and a support who can roam and force engages.

While there will surely be adaptations based on bans and the flow of the series, this is at least what the two teams will likely draft in the first (and second) game.

To round off the preview, if both teams play based on the analysis played, Rogue should be the winner in the series. As we mentioned earlier, aside from mid lane, Misfits are at a slight disadvantage. Not to mention that some of MSF’s players still haven’t played Bo5 series on stage.

Nonetheless, I’m not expecting to be a quick 3-0 for Rogue. Misfits should at least win a game somewhere in the series, so a 3-1 should be a more reasonable result, also considering that Rogue do have some bad games as they have shown during the regular split.

If you want to bet on this series, here are the best LoL odds for this particular match, based on the analysis above: (courtesy of GG.BET)

  • Map 1 First dragon to Rogue : x2.43
  • Map 1 Total kills over 26.5 : x1.9
  • Correct score 3-1 (Rogue): x3.56
  • Map 1 Total Towers over 12.5: x1.81
  • Map 1 – Kills handicap Rogue (-6.5): x2.04

All of these markets can easily translate into maps three and four if Rogue is extremely domineering in this series.