Rogue to continue win streak versus G2 & Fnatic – LEC Week 5 Preview

The LEC has hit the mid-point and Rogue is standing first alone in the standings. After a rough start, the team put their foot down to claim a 7-win streak. With Week 5 around the corner, G2 and Fnatic are itching to get their shot at Rogue, will the team keep their streak going?

We break it down.

Rogue LEC 2022

Can the LEC’s most decorated teams beat Rogue?

Fnatic – atypical drafts don’t seem to work

After a decent start by both teams, Fnatic and G2 are currently dropping down the standings. Last week, Fnatic lost both their matches against Misfits Gaming and Team Vitality, which came really by surprise. The team tried two completely different compositions and none of them worked. I think that they still haven’t fixed their main issue: they are still pretty one-dimensional. Wunder also played some of the less typical champions in the meta like Shyvana and Kayle, which require different playstyles and game plans to be played correctly.

Also, Fnatic must find new champions for Razork, as we have seen him mostly play Voliber and Viego. Now that the first is nerfed, he must find new options that work with the team. Overall, I think that the team is trying to find new solutions for playoffs, so their potential should be higher than this. With that being said, the standings are still very close and dropping games like Fnatic did last week should be an alert for them.

G2 Esports – Flakked is underperforming

G2 Esports started off really well, then they seem to have dropped the ball completely all of a sudden. They are now out of playoffs currently, having lost their last 4 games. The team’s main problem is down in the bot lane: Flakked had a decent start but it seems like he’s underperforming hard in the last few weeks.

He has one of the lowest damage % in the team and while I do think that he shouldn’t be a primary carry, you never feel like he’s stepping up when needed. Caps is taking up that role but now that it seems like teams are hard targeting him, it becomes even harder for G2 to execute their own gameplan. Jankos is also having up and downs with his early game presence, so G2 are not looking that great for the second half.

How will Rogue fare against G2 and FNC?

What’s great about Rogue is that they are extremely consistent. As soon as they find their own identity and playstyle within the meta, they are really strong at executing it. Flexible but always well-prepared drafts and they regained their early game impact with Malrang in the jungle. I personally believe that he will gap both Jankos and Razork in the jungle, thanks to the many picks he has.

Comp and Trymbi have been solid and one of the few bot lanes which are able to play aggressively in the lanes and play Kalista well. This gives them a really strong early game presence to snowball the lead in the mid game. With that, they can let mid and top scale with ease. Odoamne is arguably the best-performing top so far in the split so having him is always a guarantee.

Overall, I’m expecting Rogue to keep their first place and beat both teams. As of right now, I would say that the match against Fnatic can be a little harder since they are fairly inconsistent themselves. On the other hand, G2’s bot lane will struggle too much against Rogue and Caps can’t always be the 1v9 man if BrokenBlade is only the other performing member.