Sakurai creates new YouTube channel as Screenshot of the day stops

Super Smash Bros is out of active development, but still has plenty of tournaments like the Panda Global Circuit and regular World Tour Majors. This week one more milestone for the game’s lifespan was hit, with the end of the screenshot of the day.

Sakurai will no longer be tweeting them. He isn’t done interacting with fans though. Instead, Sakurai is launching a new educational YouTube channel called Creating Games.


Sakurai stops Screenshot of the Day

A key part of the Smash Bros’ developers’ interactions with the fighting game community has been his screen of the day. These are usually creative screenshots from the debug version of the game. Sakurai uploads one each day. They’ve previously been used to tease content when Smash was under active development. The end of Sakurai’s picture of the day marks the final end for official content for Smash Ultimate though. The well has truly run dry. There are still some more amiibo to come out, but that’s about it.

The picture of the day isn’t going to be the end of Sakurai’s communication with his fans though. The developer has a new project on the horizon which seems a bit more interesting than yet more screenshots.

Sakurai Creating Games Channel

Instead, a a new YouTube channel aimed at making educational content is being created. The channel will be covering the topic of actually making games.

He’s had a long history in game development too though, creating Kirby alongside games like Kid Icarus Uprising and Meteos. Sakurai has significant experience to draw on in these videos.

Initial videos are going to cover the art of game design. He’ll be explaining elements of game design and his personal views on what makes for a fun and well-designed game. He’s clarified that design is mainly personal opinion. However, he is trying to showcase his personal approach and perspective. The videos aren’t going to cover the technical aspects of programming. This is a topic that’s largely pretty easy to find educational content on. Instead, it is addressing the more creative side of physical design, an area where expert opinion can be pretty important.

Keep in mind, these videos aren’t being ordered by Nintendo. This isn’t part of promotion either. It’s a personal project by Sakurai. The videos will be subtitled in English to make them widely accessible. They also won’t be monetized, ensuring Sakurai is making a loss on this endeavor once you take translators, editors, and more staff into account.

Sakurai creating new games and the future of Smash Bros

Sakurai is moving away from Ultimate. Is it the end of the line for the creator’s role in the series?

He’s given some mixed messages on that subject. For the last few games in the series, Sakurai has said that will be his last. Typically, when Nintendo pushes ahead on a new game, he comes back to the fold to keep the series on track.

We don’t know if Sakurai will have another crack at directing Smash Bros. However, if he does the developer has talked a bit about his approach. He’s clarified that players shouldn’t expect the ‘everyone is here’ thing to continue for another game. Some fighters will be cut.

With the new Sakurai Creating games YouTube channel, we have a unique look at how the developer thinks about game design. This could give some hints about his philosophy for fun games going into what might be one of the most difficult Smash Bros sequels yet, one that will be made with the promise of cutting a considerable amount of content from its predecessor.

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