Scump’s Team Wins Off-Season Black Ops 2 Throwback Tournament

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has proven that he is still the GOAT after taking his team to victory at the $25k Black Ops 2 Off-Season tournament. This special edition charity event brought together some of the most iconic Call of Duty esports competitors from the last decade, throwing them into an arena more than ten years old. It was a reunion of sorts, a throwback competition that took players back down memory lane to 2012, and to one of the best COD multiplayer platforms to ever exist.

In many ways, Black Ops 2 was the defining Call of Duty esports title. It was one of the most important games in the entire ecosystem, and judging from viewership figures and general impressions from the weekend, it remains just as popular and ‘grabby’ today. At this event, hosted in support of Movember, the likes of Scump, Crimsix, ACHES, Temp, KiLLa, and Rambo all took to the stage to prove that they’ve still got it where it counts.

Scump Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

off-season black ops 2

Scump was cool, calm, and casual as he took over the Black Ops 2 event (Image Credit: OpTic Hitch)

We’ve had a busy period between the 2022 and 2023 Call of Duty League seasons. This year, there’s a record-low break between the two seasons ending and beginning, but there’s still plenty of content to bridge that gap. Recently, Call of Duty fans would have enjoyed the Fortune’s Keep $100k tournament, at which a group of small streamers devastated some of the best Call of Duty players in the business.

However, to switch things up a bit with a wholesome project, The Off-Season, which contained the Black Ops 2 throwback tournament, was all about the charitable effort. Following the event, at which more than $50,000 was raised for Movember, OpTic Hitch gave an emotional thank you on Twitter to all involved, owing to his personal connection to the cause. It was a remarkably enjoyable event for all involved, made carefree by the lack of any real competitive vibes.

Team Scump, which consisted of the man himself, twins Prestinni and Arcitys, and OpTic Legend BigTymeR, secured a relatively easy victory. At one point, Scump had a second screen up, tuning into the Eagles vs. Cowboys fixture while casually dropping a 50 bomb in a game of Hardpoint and securing the MVP spot for the round.

Calling The Upcoming Competition

We’ll see Scump take to a grand stage once again when the Call of Duty League kicks off in December. While the Black Ops 2 event was a reunion of Call of Duty esports legends, it did feature a few active competitors alongside Scump. For instance, Temp, Envoy, Clayster, Arcitys, and Prestinni all stepped up in support of Movember at this tournament, and we’ll see each of them again in just a few weeks.

There’s an epic LAN event in Raleigh, North Carolina that will bring about the commencement of the 2023 season. At this event, we’ll see the COD Mobile World Championship, the first 2023 Challengers event, and the CDL Kick Off, all under one roof. It’s a landmark event that promises to be the most exciting, big-budget Call of Duty esports event ever.

It all begins on December 15th.