SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021 | Betting Predictions and Odds

The SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021 is nearing its last day of group stage, where only four countries’ representatives will proceed to Playoffs. It’s not always we get a nation-based Dota 2 tournament like the SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021, so it’s always a treat to see how each country’s representatives mix and match their roster.

Nevertheless, the outcome of group stage seems to favor teams that are already prominent Esports teams. For instance, the top seeds, team Singapore, led by three Nigma Galaxy players and two other prominent veterans. Or Thailand, with their four Motivate.Trust Gaming players and another unfamiliar players.

SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021 Tournament Format

The SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021 invited ten teams from each country, namely Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, and Brunei. Group stage consisted of two groups of five teams, where matches are best-of-two single round-robin. While the group stage format is standard, many questioned the limited playoffs slot available.

Only top two seeds from each group proceed into playoffs, so it’s elimination even for the second runner-up of each group. To top it off, playoffs are only single-elimination matches, albeit there is a third-place match. Playoffs matches are best-of-three, but at least, there will be a best-of-five reserved for the grand finals.

Singapore vs Thailand (SG vs TH)

The SG vs TH series is notably the most competitive in the SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021. Namely, the true pioneers behind the two countries are Nigma Galaxy SEA and Motivate.Trust Gaming line-up respectively. Hence, they are certainly the most seasoned candidates in the group.

Rosters aside, team SG isn’t opting for any bombastic drafts to showcase. They picked the typical late-game carries, that can farm consistently, and have decent teamfight capabilities. Alongside, they are also comfortable with playing several signature heroes, especially on the core roles.

On the contrary, we saw TH opted for fast-paced drafts, which has elements of sustainable fights, pushing, and defensive team fight potential. This is a testament to team TH’s confidence in the series, as they had no intention of letting their opponent reach late game. Common picks included Razor, Lycan, Dark Seer, and even Puck, which are heroes that can be very impactful closing into mid-game timing.

While we would have preferred siding Thailand for pursuing fast games. Regardless, the Dota 2 odds are in favor of SG at x2.61 versus TH at x4.03 returns. Since they could plausibly turn the tides if they overcome the midgame confrontations.

Cambodia vs Malaysia (KHM vs MY)

For starters, the two teams aren’t exactly well-known in the Southeast Asia scene. However, there are still much at stake for the two bottom seeds. If MY wants to have a shot at securing top seeds, they would need to win both series versus Cambodia and Myanmar. On top of the external condition that Thailand loses both series too.

Hence, MY’s hope to go any further than the groups is almost obsolete, but let us look at their match-ups. KHM, or Cambodia, isn’t exactly top dogs in the tournament either, so we would say it’s an even match. MY could have a decent game if they kept their draft with classic carry picks, Juggernaut and Lifestealer. While also needing to ban prominent late-game hard carries like Medusa, which has repeatedly posed a threat to MY. Meanwhile, the same can be said for team KHM because their unorthodox draft isn’t working well.

The odds seem to heavily favor MY at x1.97 against KHM at a ridiculous x5.76 odds. Perhaps giving MY too much credit where it’s due despite their poor results.

Indonesia vs Philippines (IDN vs PH)

Over at the other group, we have Polaris Esports representing team PH, while Army Geniuses are on team IDN. Unlike the previous match, both countries have seasoned stacks to compete, and dare we say, have a good shot at winning it all.

Fortunately, SG and TH, which have arguably the strongest squads in SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021, are isolated in Group A. Hence, giving more opportunities to Group B candidates to proceed into playoffs. Anyways, it would be difficult to not side PH, considering they have several familiar faces in their team.

Whereas IDN, while they have played in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021, did not accomplish any outstanding feet during their past season. PH will certainly be the stronger contender here, as they do have a versatile hero pool to rely on.

As such, the odds are reflecting similarly, where PH has x1.81 versus IDN at x6.49 returns.

Vietnam vs Brunei (VNM vs BRN)

It’s the former 496 Gaming line-up, which has been hailed as Vietnam’s only Dota 2 contender. Team VNM has the experience advantage over BRN in this particular match, so there’s no doubting the odds are in favor of VNM.

It’s a long shot and very situational, but team VNM does have an Achille’s Heel or weakness. That is, assuming team BRN did extensive research into 496 Gaming’s typical playstyle, while they still have anonymity as a nobody team.

Putting that aside, the odds are in favor of VNM to win, even if both teams are bottom seeds. VN has x2.1 odds against BRN at x5.28 odds.

As the epic clash between SEA teams conclude later today, the SEAEF Dota2 Championship 2021 will finally kickstart the much-anticipated high-stacked playoffs. To catch the other matches and betting slips, we got you covered on Dota 2 betting tips and our featured esports bookmaker, GG.BET.