Season One Reloaded Brings Festivities to Modern Warfare II

Last year, Call of Duty fans were subjected to one of the most irritating holiday season events in the history of the franchise. On Call of Duty Warzone, a mythical Christmas demon named Krampus appeared, flanked by naughty elves, intent on ruining everyone’s games. This year, it looks as though there may not be an event to celebrate the holiday season, but the Season One Reloaded update is bringing some festivities to the Modern Warfare II platform, at least.

From a Santa-themed Operator to a map adorned with twinkling lights and tinsel, there’s some kind of celebratory event coming to Call of Duty this year. Fortunately, the developers already promised that players ‘won’t have to fret over any mythological creatures during this holiday season,’ which everyone is more than happy to deal with. It was on the 14th of December that Season One Reloaded dropped, and now, players are counting down the days until the festive content arrives.

Or are they? Who really knows?

Festivities Are Coming to Call of Duty

season one reloaded festive shipment

Image Credit: Activision

At the heart of the Season One Reloaded update sits an all-new map (kind of), Shipment. This fan-favourite, staple map has made a reappearance for Modern Warfare II, but it’ll undergo a change to celebrate the arrival of the holiday season. Between the 21st of December and the 4th of January, fans will be able to enjoy the chaos of Shipment fused with charming, adorable Christmas-themed decor.

It’s a small touch that is easily much more appreciated than the introduction of a hard-to-kill mythological creature, that’s for sure. There will be a small update on the 21st that’ll change Shipment’s aesthetic for around a two-week period, and that’s all players will need to do to take advantage of it. If they want to, of course – Shipment definitely isn’t for everyone.

Ho-Ho-Ho-How Did Santa Get a Nuke?

season one reloaded klaus

Image Credit: Activision

It doesn’t end there, as Infinity Ward is taking things one step further with the provision of a Santa-themed Operator named Klaus Fisker. He’s an all-around badass who represents the Danish Special Forces in Modern Warfare II, and his backstory is nothing short of monumental – and perhaps a little bizarre:

‘… he carried a wounded comrade 18 miles to the nearest base using the lessons taught by his father and with the help of an unusual amount of chocolate that wounded soldier carried with him’.

Klaus can be unlocked via the purchase of the Klaus Operator Bundle through the in-game store. He’s likely going to make an epic pairing with the brand-new weapon introduced in Season One Reloaded, the Chimera. It’s essentially the Honey Badger that we’ve seen before in the history of Call of Duty.

In the full patch notes published by Raven Software and Infinity Ward, we saw hundreds of bug fixes, adjustments, and changes landing with the Season One Reloaded update. There wasn’t much in the way of new content, but where stability improvements and glitch patching were concerned, the update was delivered in droves.

Happy Holidays!

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