Setting goals & expectations before RLCS 2022 Spring: NA Regional 3

In just 10 days, we go back to another Rocket League packed weekend. The RLCS 2021-22 Spring NA Regional Event 3 will be the final round for North America’s biggest teams to earn those coveted Circuit Points.

NA’s Rocket League scene has proven its dominance over its European counterparts after four NA teams placed top five at RLCS Winter Major 2022. G2 Esports, Spacestation Gaming, FaZe Clan, and Version1 are looking dominant this season. One final regional event will secure all of them a spot at the next Major. NRG and Envy are in this mix as well.

NA Point Rankings 2022 Spring Regional 3


G2 still peaking

G2 Esports showcased peak NA playstyle and delivered wonderfully at the last Major, which is what we had expected from the powerhouse. They are already secured for the next Major, and can let their foot off the gas in the final event. Or will they?

Considering the strong competition from EU rivals, such as Team BDS (champion of RLCS Fall Major), SMPR Esports, and Dignitas. G2 might go foot down in this third regional to stamp their absolute authority and set themselves up as the main favorites.

Spacestation Gaming and FaZe Clan, Envy can still theoretically challenge for top seed, but will likely secured third and fourth place respectively, which is an accomplishment in their own rights. Version1 deserves recognition for placing 2nd at the last event amidst intense competition that regional rivals posed.

New challenger emerges

Ghost Gaming joined the fray of top NA teams with a convincing fourth-place finish at Spring NA Regional Event 1. They did however bow out early in the 2nd event with two cosecutive defeats to Envy and Spacestation Gaming.

Tough draw.

We can certainly pose the question of whether NRG or Complexity can remain in the top 5 of RLCS 2021-22 North America Ranking. Placing first, second or third at regional event rakes 401-350-300 points, which can make Ghost a sudden Major contender.

All they need is to work on is their, accuracy, movement, overall strategy, passing, scoring, synergy.

Key teams at RLCS 2022 Spring: NA Regional 3

Rogue, Soniqs and NRG will need favorable bracket placements and seriously deep runs to secure a Major spot.

Rogue has a history of accomplishments worthy of considering them as Major hopefuls and has recently seen promising results. However, they might just be too far behind in points to catch up to teams with five-figure points. Complexity Gaming and Soniqs, both formerly prominent in Rocket League, have fallen off to consider them true challengers.

Version1 w9nt just let go of their second-place ranking without putting a fight, and even challenging G2.

For what it’s worth, NRG is still considered second only to G2 Esports in Power Rankings. They are 6th in the actual rankings, and it’s difficult to assume a scenario where NRG would fall off the top-five finish.

In hindsight, the RLCS 2021-22 Spring NA Regional Event 3 will be a testament to North American talents’ last hurrah. Securing a spot in the Spring Split Major would provide any team some footing to qualify for the World Championship.