Shroud brings Sentinels closer to dream run – VCT 2022 NA LCQ

It’s time for North America-based teams to take their last chance to qualify for VALORANT Champions 2022. Round 1 and 2 in the VCT 2022 North America Last Chance Qualifier have concluded with Evil Geniuses and Shopify Rebellion out of the competition.

We take a look at the bracket state, and Shroud’s bid to help Sentinels become great again.

Will Shroud save Sentinels? - VCT 2022 North America Last Chance Qualifier

Not yet as rowdy..

Shroudy not so rowdy

Despite recent failures, Sentinels is still the most followed team in the LCQ thanks to the transfers they made during the preparation process. The addition of Shroud, one of the biggest names in gaming and esports, created hype around the team and helped to dispel the bad vibes.

Sentinels start in the LCQ wasn’t stellar. The tournament opener versus Stage 1 champions The Guard was messy and they looked utterly outclassed. They did however, dispatch Shopify Rebellion in the lower bracket with relative ease.

In both matches it was Shroud that was the main differentiator. In their first match of the LCQ, Shroud utterly flopped and was more of a burden than help, but in series two he was an absolute menace bringing Sentinels a much needed W. While he couldn’t find his footing in the first series, he definitely did in the second.

Shroud Performance

Shroud being Shroud..

Most players in Sentinels retain somewhat similar performance metrics across series and opponents. Shroud seems to be the differentiating factor for the team right now. Granted, being a differentiator can be said for any player that has performance swings, but in Shroud’s case, the entire team seems to execute on a whole different level when he’s having a good time. In their next match, we will need the best Shroud he can offer if the dream run is to continue.

100T are seen as favorites in the upcoming match from the get due to season performance. But are they?

100 Thieves vs Sentinels

100 Thieves are coming into this series after a tough loss to FaZe Clan. In both of their series at the event, the Thieves looked like either a godlike team or a rollover depending on map selection. Their duel with Sentinels will mostly come down to draft and map bans.

Haven is the map we are looking at as highly contested between both teams. Arguably, Shroud’s favorite map, it has the makings of being a series maker or breaker. Bind or Breeze can go either way if played, while Icebox is likely going the way of 100 Thieves. With each team having a must win and likely loss, having a favorable pick-ban is essential. Of course, we are assuming all players perform at their absolute peak. In case Shroud or any of the Sentinels don’t, this may end up a 2-0 sweep.

In terms of Valorant odds, 100T are favored at x1.61, but I would “risk it” and put a wager on Sentinels to win outright. We can also expect a full 3-map series at x2.05.