Skullgirls esports may become mainstream with Evo Online 2021 feature

EVO is the premier fighting game franchise currently running in esports. The event features a rotating roster of games, with titles coming in and out of the spotlight every year. If you’re looking for the top fighting games, the best are found at Evo. This is the event that’s the biggest for esports betting too. Skullgirls is an indie fighting game that most wouldn’t expect to see at the top of this event.

However, it is going to be part of the main event at the 2021 Evo. This is what you need to know about the game and its inclusion here.

SkullGirls EVO online 20211

Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is an enhanced version of Skullgirls that was first released in 2015. This version was exclusively brought to the PS4 and Vita at first, with a later release for the Switch coming in 2018. The title is essentially a game of the full version of Skullgirls. It features the base game along with all of the content that has been added in DLC since release, and the additions from hitting Kickstarter goals.

Skullgirls was published in some places by Arc-Systems, so it isn’t entirely without links to the competitive community. However, it is definitely a lot more indie than anything else at the event. The title is a one on one with fighter, with each player being able to utilize one-three characters from a decently sized roster. This is another 2D fighter for Evo, but it has a different feel to the huge franchises that otherwise dominate.

Skullgirls hasn’t been without controversy so far. Much of the expansions for the game were delayed due to a fraud allegation against the developer. This led to crowdfunding being needed to finish off the title.

Skullgirls Esports

Skullgirls has had an interesting path, and the game has been around for quite a while already. However, it is a relative newcomer to the esports scene. This isn’t a genre where indie games can very often break-in, no matter their quality. So, it is always a positive to see greater inclusion. Evo isn’t quite the first Skullgirls event though.

The title’s capability with competitive fighting game styles has been noted, and there have been a few events in the past. Skullgirls has been featured at a few bigger events. The biggest to date is likely the inclusion at ESL Play. However, this was back in 2017/early 2018. Skullgirls esports has been a little dormant, but this recent inclusion could spark things back off.

Skullgirls at EVO 2021

Skullgirls was originally intended to be played as a side tournament at the event itself. However, due to a change around at the last minute the game is being subbed into the main lineup. A PC version of the game will feature in the main event, but with the PS4 version staying back on the side.

Skullgirls will be done as part of the main event, with five games running from Aug 6-8th, along with 13-15th. The other games on show include Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Guilty Gear Strive.

Having Skullgirls featured among the Fighting Games giants is definitely going to boost the game’s player base by a substantial margin. Are we witnessing the birth of another premier Fighting Game title?