Skyesports Champions Series Playoffs Preview & Group Stage Recap

Skyesports Champions Series (SCS), the premiere Valorant competition in South Asia has reached the Bracket Stage.

After a Group Stage that lasted for 5 days, the teams that made it to the Playoffs in the Skyesports Champions Series became clear. The opening stage was fairly event in both Groups, but six teams were marginally ahead and advanced to the next round.

SCS Playoffs

What is Skyesports Champions Series?

Skyesports is now one of the largest esports organizations in India. Since the release of VALORANT, it has started to organize game-related events and slowly built up a reputation. With the partnership announced recently, they became the official partner of the VCT 2022 Stage 2 South Asia Challengers tournament.

The passion for esports in India and South Asia regions is currently at the highest level. Young players are particularly interested in their local games and unique titles. However, with the release of VALORANT, players of the region have turned their focus to Riot Games’ FPS.

Skyesports Champions Series Group Stage Recap

The main stage of the Skyesports Champions Series started with 12 teams. 8 out of 12 teams had the chance to participate directly in the tournament thanks to their success in previous events. The remaining 4 teams managed to pass the qualifiers successfully.

Group stage started with the formation of two groups of six teams. Single Round-Robin format was applied, and all matches were played as best-of-three. The six teams that finished their groups in the top 3 made it to the playoffs. Additionally, the teams that finish first in their groups will start the playoffs from upper-bracket round 2, while the remaining teams will start their journey from round 1.

Skyesports Champions Series Group Stage is Over

Enigma Gaming managed to dominate Group A. The team, which won 5 of their 5 matches they played, lost a map in only one of the matches. They were the best team in the group stage with an average of 234.2 ACS. On the other hand, the star player of the team, Excali, managed to become the best player of the group stage with a rating of 1.44. The other 2 teams that made it to the playoffs from Group A were Global Esports and Revenant Esports. Both teams won 3 of the matches they played and lost 2 of them.

In Group B, the equality was broken by map averages. Three teams, Orangutan, Velocity Gaming and Full Power Gaming, had the same score with 4 wins and 1 loss. However, Orangutan managed to get out of the group as first place since they lost fewer rounds. Velocity took second place, while Full Power Gaming took third place.

Heading into Playoffs, we have one clear favorite in Enigma and five contenders for the second spot leading into APAC Challengers.

Skyesports Champions Series Playoffs

The playoff excitement in the Skyesports Champions Series begins on May 31. The first match of the playoffs will be between Velocity Gaming and Revenant Esports. Soon after, Global Esports and Full Power Gaming will take the stage. Meanwhile, Enigma Gaming and Orangutan will be waiting for their rivals in the next stage. All playoff series will be played as best-of-three in a Double-Elimination Bracket. The grand final will be the best-of-five.

I fully expect Enigma to make it to the Grand Final. The second closest contender is likely Global Esports. Both teams that make it to the final will qualify for the APAC Challengers Qualifiers, where they will compete for a place at the VCT 2022 Stage 2 Masters.