Snoop Dogg Twitch viewers skyrocket after ragequit hype

Snoop Dogg made the news yesterday, after he ragequit a Madden NFL game and stormed out of his room. His reaction was familiar to most Madden players, but it’s good to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re an OG of the rap game, every gamer sounds the same when they rage.

What is even more interesting, is that the ragequit and the media hype that followed, made his Twitch channel even more popular then ever before.

Snoop Dogg Twitch Rage quit

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Snoop Dogg Twitch Stream and ragequit

Snoop Dogg almost never interacts with his audience on Twitch, and his streams are mostly him playing games and relaxing. Everything changed two days ago, when our hero got dumpstered playing Madden NFL.  A nice, 7+ hour stream, in which you’ll see a total of about 15 minutes of gameplay made the news, as Snoop angrily stormed out leaving viewers with an empty screen.

The other 6+ hours? Well, that’d be absolutely nothing. Because, just under 15 minutes into the Madden NFL 21 stream, we see that a specific touchdown apparently upset Snoop… enough to Dogg off!

Puns aside, he ragequit with just a bit more profanity than technically necessary (or allowed in the Twitch ToCs). It was the third touchdown in a row for the opponent – the score was 21-0 for Snoop’s mystery foe when apparently the rapper decided he’d had it.

BringingDownTheBand on Youtube eternalized the entire buildup and Snoop ragequitting.

Snoop Dogg’s departure and chill vibes

Why is this noteworthy? Well, not so much because of the ragequit itself, but rather because of what came next. Those long hours of nothing, during which the stream kept running, but Snoop was nowhere to be found.

Snoop Dogg had titled his stream: “Sit Back, Relax, and Chill its a vibe in here”.

What now seems like funny foreshadowing, was probably just an attempt to fill the awkward naming requirement Twitch places on streams… but it turned out to be quite apropos.

Usually, when the streamer leaves, streams tend to end. If they don’t, any visitors will leave, because there isn’t exactly anything to watch, but this wasn’t the case here. The 49-year-old icon is definitely still popular – popular enough to draw people to his streams fairly regularly. Despite this, Snoop Dogg’s stream was actually MORE successful after he left.

While that in and of itself is quite a burn, the sheer extent of it makes it an amazing feat. Snoop’s stream had a few hundred viewers before he quit, and usually he gets a few thousand fans watching his channel anyway – but the popularity surged when he left.

As many as 103.900 viewers watched clips from the empty stream, and viewers tuned in and out throughout the night to check on whats unfolding. While empty of any streamer, there was still SOMETHING to enjoy. Soul and funk classics played in the background, and people were enjoying those a fair bit. That was a bit of an issue too – playing copyrighted music is against the Twitch Code of Conduct as much as cursing is, but its Snoop Dogg so what can they do right?

Of course, it’s pretty easy to vibe to Roberta Flack and James Brown and more, so ultimately, Snoop did accomplish his goal of creating a chill vibe… until some seven hours later, we see him ambling through the background, notice what’s happening, that the stream is still up, and shutting it down!

Doggydogg20 Twitch surges in popularity today

A few hours after the stream ended, the media outlets starting buzzing. One article after another about the little mishap, all sharing the same clip linked above and talking about Snoop. Suddenly, people could not wait for the next stream.

With 24 hours of media coverage (of which we are now part of), Snoop Dogg’s stream is now anticipated only so people can see him potentially rage some more. He streamed again for awhile today, but seems to be back to his quiet play with no audience interaction. Probably until next time someone dumpsters him.

In the end, Snoop Dogg is well-known for quite a lot of reasons – video games aren’t one of them. Nevertheless, he plays them – in fact not just that, but he streams himself. So, if you find yourself wanting to watch Snoop Dogg play Madden, well then the Doggydogg20 Twitch channel has just the thing for you.

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