Apex Legends player count hits new record as Apex Esports flourish

Since release, Apex Legends have carved out a committed following. While the game’s initial explosion in popularity faded, it has clearly been growing its dedicated following. Just this month the game has broken its own record for popularity. By expanding onto ever more platforms, Apex looks in a stronger place than ever.

The Apex Legends esports scene is lively too. Apex esports has a lot coming up, with some big tournaments just around the corner.

Apex Legends Player Numbers

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Apex Legends Player Peak 2021

Apex Legends’ initial launch was huge, but the massive hype faded fairly quickly. Since then, it has remained very popular but without grabbing the headlines like new titles such as Warzone have.

Two years and eight Season into release, the title hits a new high for active player numbers. Apex Legends has just passed 117,193 concurrent players on Steam. This new high puts the game in a pretty good place, especially considering the Apex Legends esports season is yet to start.

Most of the time when a game releases its figures for players, they’re not talking active ones. Games that are frequently speculated to be dying like Fortnite or Overwatch are often keen on releasing data about its total users, the amount of players who have ever logged in. Rarely do numbers for active players come out. Apex Legends’ new high is particularly impressive as it is a picture of the current live environment for the game. Rather than being a picture of total interest, this is the general amount of players that are typically active, and things look healthy. We also have to take into account the numbers are generally from Steam and not from other Apex Legends platforms.

One of the things that may have sparked increased interest in Apex is its launch on Steam. It appears the game has been gradually growing in daily players since then, maintaining a high number even in the slower months. New seasons and the expansion into platforms like the Nintendo Switch are bound to bring in even more players too.

Apex Legends Player Count 2021

Apex Legends Esports 2021

Apex Legends’ record breaking new numbers is an impressive high for the game. It shows a continued interest in the game and its development. It also looks promising for Apex Legends esports. The 2021 Apex esports scene is growing compared to previous years. The title has had a slow burn approach to this scene, gradually cultivating a larger competitive player base year on year.

ALGS Winter Circuit

The main ongoing tournament that is dominating conversion is the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Winter Circuit. This event is due to run through to the end of March. It has narrowed down players in each region since January, now entering into a super region playoff format.

Regional events are still underway, but later this month we’ll see it all boil down to the top teams in the game. They will then compete in a playoffs bracket to find the best regional teams at the moment. Winners will earn seeding into the Apex Legends Global Series, the premier event in Apex esports.

Apart from the main competition, plenty of 3rd party tournament organizers are active within the Apex Legends competitive ecosystem. This is what else going on with Apex legends in March:

  • FAV CUP 2021 – The FAV CUP is a Japanese event with a decent prize pool, offering a few different games including an Apex Legends event.
  • .PRO Main Event – The final event after six weekly series of organized by .PROving Grounds
  • Play Alive 2021 – This another Japan-exclusive event. It is taking place on March 13th, with teams competing in public lobbies to rack up the most kills.
  • FFL Season 5 – FFL is an invitational event, taking place from March 2-23.

All in all, its shaping up to be an interesting year for Apex Legends, a title most people were considered dead and gone by now.

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