Soccer Rally app is really not just a Rocket League to mobile port

The freshly released Soccer Rally is one of the newest apps to hit mobile stores. This free-to-download 2v2 arcade car-soccer action game developed by Lava Skull LTD sparked into life on the 24th of July.

Given the similarity of concept and a number of features and elements, there are certainly parallels to be drawn to Psyonix and Epic Games’ Rocket League. But what has this new app got going for it?

Soccer Rally

Soccer Rally brings countless cool features

One of the criticisms some apps receive, and certainly one that Rocket League itself has experienced talk about is being too simple. But a lack of things to do and learn does certainly not apply to Soccer Rally. Despite being a mobile game it sports considerable progression and a degree of mastery.

As advertised, Soccer Rally is fast arcade car football action. It has a healthy dose of tactics and strategy with players able to unlock skills and cars as they progress to get ahead of the pack. The car is only as good as the driver however. To climb the online ranks you will have to find the right combination of skills for your play style and master them. This selection of over 30 different skills is a huge part of Soccer Rally, transforming matches in a similar way to the Rumble game mode power-ups in the Rocket League. Even ranked play and ladders are envisioned as similar to Rocket League ranks.

Experienced developer elevates levels of optimism

Something that Soccer Rally really has going for it is the developer, Lava Skull LTD. This is not their first rodeo in this genre or really with this game, as the first Soccer Rally edition hit the mobile platform around 8 years ago, with a second edition coming later and now the fully polished – and possibly final – product coming to us now.

We say final product because well, it certainly looks the part. Running smoothly on both Android and iOS the graphics are satisfyingly clean, and with Lava Skull having the best part of a decade to iron out any issues, the gameplay truly feels very enjoyable, with the app able to cater to either a casual or competitive pursuit depending on what you are looking for.

Customization is going big and wide

It’s almost standard for new games to feature skins and customization. Soccer Rally has made sure that players can design and customize the look of their cars with different paints, nitro styles, decals and patterns.

In another similarity to Rocket League, you can customise your player card that appears for everyone in the match when you score, while also being able to select emojis you want to use when communicating with teammates and opponents alike. We can imagine those might have more than just complementary uses.

Is it just Rocket League on mobile?

Countless developers alike have frequently tried to emulate Rocket League successfully on the mobile platform. We highlighted another one of these in the case of Aniquilation, which like many others has not been able to reach the heights of Rocket League itself.

You may be aware of Rocket League Sideswipe, the app developed by Psyonix themselves released in November 2021. The app absolutely took off initially helped with the direct link to Rocket League, but like so many others has relatively fizzled down since. It still has a loyal and competitive player base but one certainly more modestly sized.

The question for Soccer Rally is what is going to make it different enough to stand out and last. In fairness, it is not too alike to Rocket League Sideswipe. The latter features a more side-on view and playing experience, featuring the high-flying aerials and flip resets that make Rocket League such a mechanical joy to see mastered. On the contrary, Soccer Rally has a more classical, top-down view that focuses more on the precise turning and correct use of skills rather than featuring aerial play. This may make it more accessible to non-Rocket League players and could be a factor for success.

Rocket League Mobile

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Soccer Rally gets positive reception all around

Since the recent release, it has been interesting to read over reviews for Soccer Rally, and what the pioneering players of the new game are saying and how they feel about the app. With the mobile game sporting other options outside just 2v2 such as 3v3, some players have reportedly had a bug where they get stuck in the queue yet despite this the outlook thus far appears to be positive.

One player put it clearly, saying they were “a fan of these developers’ previous soccer car games and the main game handles very similar, but this time it’s centred around competitive online matches. There’s a lot of trash car soccer games but this is not one of them.”

Make sure to give Soccer Rally a spin by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.