Aniquilation is the Latest Title to Have a ‘Rocket League’ Mode

Aniquilation is a new twin-stick shooter multiplayer action game set in small planets that can be terraformed as you play. Not only your shots, but your enemies and the planet’s environment are your weapons.


In this game you will follow the adventures of a pilot and her leader who are wandering in space and are trying to return to their home Galaxy. While trying to do this they get lost after trying to solve the mystery that arrived in their home.

Game Modes

Aniquilation has multiple game modes:

  • Story mode – Join a big adventure alone or with friends, using split screen.
  • Defend the base – The players must protect their 3 bases from attacks from their opponent while trying to destroy their 3 bases.
  • GOAL! – Score more goals than your opponents before the time runs out!
  • Contagion – Infect your opponent with the techno virus, the one that lasts less time with the virus wins!
  • FREE FOR ALL – Just destroy your opponent, enemies and buildings.

Aniquilation’s GOAL Game Mode!

So how does this all count as Rocket League news? Well, the ‘GOAL!’ game mode Aniquilation’s effort at a ‘Rocket League’ mimic mode. In this mode you are just playing sci-fi football, speeding around the planet trying to score more goals than your opponent in the given time period.

Other Titles Similar to Rocket League

Since the release of Rocket League, there have been many titles that have tried to take the concept and cash in on the idea. The most popular of these is Roller Champions, a competitive 3v3 Roller Derby game. Roller Champions had a large amount of hype when it was announced and all through the Alpha and Beta phases, but it seems they left it too long before releasing as there seems to be less of an audience now that it has come out. Soccer Rally 2: World Championship is also a game that is very similar to Rocket League where you drive slightly more realistic cars around a smaller field scoring goals.

Turbo League

Turbo League is probably the closest thing you can find to Rocket League, especially if you don’t have a gaming console to play on. It’s a mobile game where you can Drive on walls, boost through the air and score goals in true Rocket League fashion. Turbo League has 2 modes where you can play solo or with friends. Solo allows you to practice against AI bots helping you get better. The multiplayer is the most similar to Rocket League where you play in a 3v3 format against other teams all around the world.
Is there a chance any of these games could kill off Rocket League? Most likely not, Rocket league itself is a very unique game with an ever evolving amount of mechanics and play styles making it a game that will last a long time in both the casual and competitive sense.

Is Rocket League Dying?

As with most games, and with all this competition popping up, people will always ask, is Rocket League dying? No, it isn’t. The competitive scene of Rocket League is thriving more than ever before, especially since the last RLCS major where we saw the first ever non EU/NA team make it all the way to the final. In more recent events, The Gamers8 Crew battle tournament had the largest prize pool in Rocket League so far. At Riyadh, we saw FURIA (Brazilian team) finish 1st place taking home $500,000. This made them the highest earning Rocket League team this year and 7th in all time. In the last 3 years Rocket League has evolved from being EU/NA with a couple OCE teams to being one of the most inclusive games in the world.