Splitgate 2022 Pro Series Announced with $500,000 Prize Pool

Splitgate is a lesser-known shooter but one with an esports scene that is kicking into a higher gear in 2022. It has just been announced that 1047 games and Logitech Esports Services are putting together a series of tournaments for Splitgate over the course of the year. The Splitgate 2022 Pro Series is going to be offering over $500,000 in prize money.

That’s alongside a lengthy Challengers Series too.

Splitgate Pro Series

Splitgate 2022 Pro Series

The Splitgate 2022 Pro Series is by far the biggest series of events for this game to date. It will feature multiple tiers of competition with prize pools spread throughout. The event is being organized by developers 1047 Games along with Logitech Esports Services.

The Pro Series is going to be run across 4 seasons with 8 pro teams in competition. The prize pool is going up to $100,000 per season, with a full $500,000 on offer. Teams will be playing competition in regular weekly matches. These matches lead into Season Finals alongside relegation tournaments.  That’s how the pro season is going to work. Each will end with a double-elimination tournament with high prize pools for the pro-tier players.

The Splitgate Challengers Series will be the rung below this one. This features an open ladder stage with 8-12 weeks of matches and a play-off for the top teams. The winners here will face the bottom teams in the regular season for a chance to make the leap up to the Pro Series. Each of these matches are going to be streamed on Twitch. If you’re looking to follow along or esports betting for Splitgate 2022 Pro Series then keeping up with events yourself is going to be helpful.

Splitgate Teams

These are the teams that are going to be in competition for the Splitgate 2022 Pro Series:

  • We Got Lucky
  • Aim Assist
  • Portal Demons
  • Bork
  • Mushroom Hunters
  • Little Gremlins
  • No Sleep
  • Revenge Tour

Splitgate Esports is growing

Splitgate is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that was first released in 2019. The title hasn’t taken off as widely as some other free-to-play games. However, there have been impressive download numbers and a strong fanbase. The title combines first-person shooter gameplay along with wormholes that add sci-fi elements in the battle. This is an interesting take on the genre. The game has been running since 2019, but it saw a major overhaul in 2021. The title started to receive fill seasons too.

January 27th saw Season 1 start after the eventual end of Season 0. While this has been a long time coming, this looks to be a decent push for the game. There are plenty of competitors for shooters with sci-fi elements, like Overwatch, Valorant, and Halo. However, Splitgate does seem to be getting a lot more attention at the moment.

Between the recent update and the Splitgate 2022 Pro Series announced, this is a great time to start checking out Splitgate. Or just to revisit the game now that it has become a bit more fully formed.