Spring Sweet Spring #1 – Match Predictions and Betting Slip for 27/04

After a back and forth action between top regional teams, the stage is set for the deciding matches that will determine who is packing their bags and who is still alive in this event worth $32,000. Below, you can find our Spring Sweet Spring picks and predictions for today, so let’s get straight into it.

Our esports bookmaker selection is based on best net gain across all match coefficients combined. We have selected GG.BET for today’s selection. Read our GG.BET review here.

EPG Team vs SKADESKADE to win@ 2.14
Extra Salt vs Copenhagen FlamesExtra Salt to win @ 1.40
Sinners vs ApeksApeks to win@ 2.94
Extremum vs AGOAGO to win@ 1.83

EPG Family vs SKADE

All the hype today is on SKADE. They managed to beat ForZe in the opening round and break plenty of bet slips in the process. They completed a 20-match win streak with yesterdays win, which was broken a few hours later by FPX at the IEM Summer qualifier. Regardless, SKADE is on absolute tear right now and we are putting all the eggs in their basket.

EPG Family (ex-ex-Winstrike) is by no means a weak opponent. Aleksey “El1an” Gusev is the player to watch out for in this match, if EPG wants to tamper SKADE’s tempo. However, his team is still struggling to find synergy and execute properly in high pressure situations, and this is where we see them dropping the ball against the Bulgarians.

Pick: SKADE to win
Odds: 2.14

Extra Salt vs Copenhagen Flames

Everybody should be aware how out of place Extra Salt looks in this competition. The former C9 roster has been grinding the lower tier event scene for a few months now, trying to rebuilding their team under a new banner. Johnny “JT” Theodosiou and Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek are still absolute legends in the scene and we are fairly confident they can tackle the Flames.

The Copenhagen Flames are by no means a weak contender. However, they have a tendency to swing their performance too much between events. One day they look like a top 20 team in the world and the next day they look like they come out of a development league. This inconsistency is what ultimately makes them the underdog here.

Pick: Extra Salt to win
Odds: 1.70

Sinners vs Apeks

The least expected pick in the entire selection comes between Sinners and Apeks. While both teams have been on an absolute tear during this event, it is Apeks who have beaten the more “established” opponents, while Sinners have been losing to every opponent higher than them in the stats.

In a head to head, I believe Apeks has what it takes to the win. If you are not confident enough to place this bet, you can always go for a total maps over 2.5 selection.

Pick: Apeks to win
Odds: 2.94

Extremum vs AGO

Polish powerhouse AGO meets the former 100Thieves core. There isn’t much to discuss here, especially since Extremum has consistently underperformed this spring. I am fairly certain AGO is the better performing team across all metrics, and they have the consistency of roster and strategy to make this an easy 2:0.

The only thing going for Extremum is potentially Gratisfaction, Liazz and AZR having a pop-off performance to equalize, but its been a long time since we’ve seen the Australian bois dominate the scene in any competition.

Pick: AGO to win
Odds: 1.83

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