Stakes are high at RLCS Spring Major 2022 – Regional Spots on the Line

A prize pool of $300,000 on the line, grudges among rivals, bragging rights, and tickets to the World Championship. All of these are at stake as we creep closer towards the RLCS Spring Major befalling this June 29.

It’s every team for themselves as we lock in on the adrenaline-filled event, and dive into the RLCS Spring Major.


Where is The General NRG?

Well, NRG held the short end of the stick when they flopped their regional events at Spring. It’s been downhill ever since their first runner-up victory at Fall Major.

Fans are disappointed to see Justin “jstn.” Morales’ crippling performance recently, and has begun showing discontent with the game. Jstn is arguably one of the most sensationalized prodigies in Rocket League and is relatively young too. Although NRG didn’t qualify for Spring Major, they should have enough points on the RLCS NA Ranking to comfortably qualify for World Championship.

New faces at Spring Major

When major pillars fall, there are new faces to fill the spots, notably Team Liquid, Gaimin Gladiators, and PWR. The spotlight shines on Team Liquid, which showcased their return to the RLCS scene with the new line-up. So far, Team Liquid shocked its competition to become the top EU candidates at Spring Major.

Unfortunately, Team Liquid will not be expecting to qualify for the World Championship as they don’t have enough points to reach the top five on EU rankings. Nevertheless, it’s a promising start to be able to hit the top ten in under one season.

Meanwhile, PWR is the latest addition from the Oceania region, overthrowing Renegades. Renegades have been a staple in countless RLCS seasons and garnered quite the following. This time around, PWR is here to represent Oceanic dominance. Finally, APAC’s Gaimin Gladiators also make their big showcase at the Major.

These three teams are certainly dark horses, but do not suprised if they shake up the game more than expected.

Beef among pro players

Expect beef in any Esports with over a couple hundred pros landing some goal shots. Well, this one between Axel “vatira” Touret and Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez is certainly spam-worthy when Moist Esports and Team BDS fight. And, the randomizer has blessed upon the Rocket League fans with a potentially early match.

Moist Esports plays versus Team Envy while Team BDS plays against Team Secret in the Upper Round 1 bracket. Hence, if both rivals win their rounds, we will have an exclusive glimpse into the ongoing rivalry. Jokes aside, I’m sure it’s just a friendly banter by the former Team Queso player, vatira when he tweeted about meeting M0nkey M00n (he did not).

Nevertheless, a match between Moist Esports and Team BDS will certainly rake in viewership. BDS, albeit not phenomenal during the last Winter Major, was the Fall Major Champions. Watching them regain their momentum heading into Spring Major is terrifying, considering what they have in store for its opponents, particularly Moist Esports.

RLCS Spring Major Primer

Watching the winning moment of a prospective Rocket League team at Spring Split Major is breathtaking. However, nothing beats watching skill-shot prodigies, such as Jason “Firstkiller” Corral make sick plays. For the uninitiated, Firstkiller takes his goal shots to an entirely new playing field. For instance, when he pulled off a shot to the wall, gets in position to catch the ball mid-air and into the goal post. It was uncontested and plausibly impossible to defend against, period.

Firstkiller is certainly among the best Rocket League players in the scene, but not limited to the other forty-five players. These players have earned their way into the Spring Major, so we would bet that they are aching to show off their best goal shots.

We have an incredible class of familiar faces and powerhouses from every region clashing for the next big highlight.  Catch the Spring Split Major live on the official Rocket League Twitch channel.