StarCraft 2 Nation Wars

The best type of Starcraft 2 tournament is only one kind, and that is the international one. When it comes to SC2 Nation Wars, it does not get more international than this, as it is all about different nations having their best SC2 players battle it out against one another.

The event this year takes place from June 11th until July 16th, and it will feature a total of 16 teams with two players on each team. Eight from 16 teams are invited, while the other eight have fought through qualifiers.


Image Credits | Nation Wars SC2


This esports event is fantastic because all matches are played best-of-seven and are in four different double-elimination brackets. The top two from each bracket will advance to the Playoffs.

The Playoffs are a single-elimination bracket, matches up to Semifinals and Grand Finals are played online, but the last games are played at the O’Gaming studio.

The prize pool for this event is a minimum of €10,000 ((≃ $10,65), which will increase until the event is over.