StarCraft GSL Season 3 Group Stage 2 – Players to watch in Playoffs

The StarCraft GSL or Global StarCraft II League, is one of the biggest events in the game. This tournament has the best players competing. We’re getting close to the latest round of the tournament. The GSL Season 3 group stage is kicking off its second stage. This is where the competitors get their seeds to the final bracket or move to a round of 6 for the last chance at getting through. Some of the best players are in groups together here.

Here are the players to watch out for at StarCraft GSL II Group Stage 2.


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StarCraft GSL Season 3 2022

The Global StarCraft II League is one of the top events for the title. In 2022, the third and final season of the tournament is running across the fall. It started off at the tail end of August, and playing through until mid-October, with the action really starting to heat up this weekend.

The tournament has a $123,000 prize pool on offer. There are also hefty points award for the ESL Pro Tour too. The winners get qualification for the Global Finals! We’re into Season 3 of the Pro Tour for 2022, the final event before the tournament concludes with a Super tournament. The points at stake here are vital for getting qualification at the end of the season.

GSL 2022 Season 3

The GSL 2022 Season 3 tournament kicked off with the first group stage. It was held in a duel tournament format. The top 2 players from each moved through to this second group stage. Here, games are going to be played in a Round Robin format as a best of 3 to determine the new standings and seeds.

The top players from this round make it through to the finals. The first placing player in each group with move to the playoffs. Directly into the semi-finals. Those who come in 2nd and 3rd will also move though, advancing over to the round of 6. Those who make it to the semi-finals are automatically seeded into the GSL Super Tournament 2 for the year. That’s alongside the winner getting an automatic qualification at IEM Katowice!

There’s a lot at stake over the coming matches. In each group, there are a few players who already stand out from the crowd.

Groups dominated by the usual favorites

Group A was a pretty stacked section, but a few players stand out. Her0 has performed very well in the initial group coming out in the top spot. Solar had a similarly strong run, coming second in his first group. There aren’t bad players this far in, but these two in particular are ones to watch. GuMiho had a similar completely flawless run through the first round.

Group B is a pretty stacked side of the competition. You’ve got some of the all-time best StarCraft players like Maru and Cure. However, there’s up and coming players in here too who are still gaining in the rankings.

Maru came in first of his group without losing a match in a clean sweep, as did Cure. These two both have a strong recent history in StarCraft and this tournament could be either of their next wins.

In SC GSL 2022 Season 3 second stage, all these look pretty strong heading into the Super Tournament and the end of the season.