Blizzard adds new Co-op mission to StarCraft II

There are no major tournaments scheduled for this month, so Blizzard found a new way to keep StarCraft II players entertained. The videogame developer has released a brand-new update and Patch 4.4.0 brought slight changes to the game. Fans who watch live streams, especially those who reside in Eastern Europe are probably familiar with Oleksii “Alex007” Trushliakov. The famous caster will now be the voice narrating the events in the Koprulu sector.

The patch also fixes some of the smaller problems that affected the balance, caused delays in the movement of regular units and special characters. A few units had their armor enhanced and small tweaks were made to the movement speed of Overlords. Some of the changes are purely cosmetic and Zerg players will surely be the first to notice. They can now alternate between the normal and upgraded versions of the Zergling, Overlord and Roach when viewing the skins.

Cradle of Death is the new Co-Op Mission

StarCraft II should also prepare for the arrival of a brand-new co-op Mission, which was inspired by one of the most successful entries in the Rock the Cabinet. Cradle of Death is centered on the events unfolding after Dominion forces began their investigation on a remote Moebius Corps installation. Players will follow the adventures of Stone, the ghost operative in charge of securing the xel’naga artifacts hidden within the station. He will need all the help he can get to fend off other interested third parties.

Starcraft 2 Cradle of Death

© Blizzard Entertainment

The stakes are high, because the xel’naga artifacts have caused the multifunction of a powerful battle station. If they are not removed safely, the nearby colony worlds will be obliterated. The story behind this new co-op mission was envisioned by the original work of Justin Purdy aka “TheSkunk”. The novelty of this mission consists in the fact that players will be able to control vehicles. They need to use them to transport valuable artifacts to fortified bases, while surviving the relentless attacks of hostile forces.

Amon is back with a vengeance

The string of missions will also bring back into the spotlight some familiar foes. Starcraft 2 fans who have completed the single player campaign will surely remember the arch-villain Amon, he is back from the shadow and on a war path, determined to stop you in your tracks. This will make it even more difficult to protect the convoy and bring it safely to the well-defended basis. If players succeed, the empowered xel’naga artifacts can be used to cause a devastating chain reaction that destroys the battle station.


© Blizzard Entertainment

Many of the units that players encounter routinely in single player and multiplayer matches will be available. Besides, the co-op mission will pit players against original units and hostile indestructible constructs. Players will need to use a combination of speed, strategy and skill to overcome all these obstacles. Cradle of Death is live in Patch 4.4.0 and the highlight of the new update, so check it out!