Registration is open for Starcraft Remastered ASL Season 6

Starcraft Remastered has recaptured much of the former glory of the most popular real-time strategy game ever made. In South Korea, professional players compete for fame and decent prize pools, even though beyond national borders there are much fewer tournaments. The next season of the ASL is scheduled to begin on September 2 and the qualifiers start on August 18.

Afreeca will host the new edition of the tournament and in 2018 it will have an even stronger lineup. Professional players who made a deep run in the event last season will be invited to join without going through qualifiers. As the main stage of the competition begins in early September, the preliminary rounds will take precisely 2 weeks. The best players will compete in the ASL regular season at the Freecup Studio in Seoul, with matches to be broadcast on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


The qualifying application deadline is August 16

Those who plan on competing against the best Starcraft Remastered players can try to secure a place at the main event starting on Saturday. However, the deadline for submitting the applications is August 16, so time is of the essence. The qualification matches will take place in Seoul on August 18, Gwangju Area the very next day and in Pusan on August 20.

During the qualifiers, players can expect to compete on some of the popular maps such as Blue Storm, Twinhorn and Circuit Breaker. Competition promises to be downright crushing, but with a guaranteed prize pool of KRW 80,000,000, the effort is definitely worth making. The preliminary proceedings require players to present their identity card when the qualifiers start. Younger competitors can also show student identification cards and foreign players can use their passports as well.

ASL Season 6 dates and structure

The new Starcraft Remastered professional season will last between September 2 and October 28. Matches will take place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday starting at 10 PM KST and they will all be played offline. The good news for those who were hoping to watch the games in real-time is that they will be streamed. The same commentators who made the games of Season 5 so exciting are expected to return for the new season.

The tournament will have the same format, starting with the round of 24 and it will have a winners’ and losers’ bracket. This means that Starcraft pros will have a second chance to reach the decisive act of the competition if they suffered an untimely elimination. The same format will be used for the round of 16 and the final eight, while the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will be played in a single tournament format. Virtually all the players who made a deep run in the previous event will participate in ASL 6.

The reigning champion has secured an invitation and he will be seeded when season six begins. The same goes for the winner of the wildcard, but the other seeds are yet to be decided.