StarCraft Remastered Patch 1.22 brings new ranking system

Blizzard continues to support StarCraft Remastered and tries to keep the game popular worldwide. It goes without saying that the majority of the fans resides in South Korea where the game has a cult following. This month, fans of the popular real-time strategy game were happy to hear that a new ranking system is coming with Patch 1.22.0. The Korea StarCraft League was also announced, so the games could gain even more traction in this country.

Major Content Update for StarCraft: Remastered

Since the classic game was brought back into the spotlight, several patches were applied. None of them however is even remotely as comprehensive as Patch 1.22.0. It will bring significant changes to the competitive RTS and the most important one is the addition of a new ranking system.

Many of these changes were inspired by the system currently used in StarCraft II. Players begin by competing in five unranked matches to be assigned a rank and then move up the ladder based on their performance. With each step made up words they unlock new portrays, but there’s also the possibility of being demoted.

There are also a couple of these were changes and upgrades aimed at making the game more intuitive. The Seasons tab will provide players with instant access to detailed statistics. This means that they will be just one click away from monitoring their performance and comparing their numbers with their peers. There is also an upgraded Collections tab, for true collectors who have acquired cosmetic items.

More Support for StarCraft Esports

Blizzard hopes that its flagship game will restore its former glory, and expects it to shine the brightest in South Korea. The game developer continues to support the RTS as an esport and has created a brand-new competition. The Korea StarCraft League will be headquartered in Seoul and operated by Blizzard, while bringing together the best players in the world. Many professionals are still actively pursuing their vocation and participate in online and offline tournaments.

The name of this tournament highlights the fact that Blizzard focuses on the South Korean audience. Having said this, Korea StarCraft League is expected to be popular with an international audience. Furthermore, players from other countries are free to sign up and fight for a significant guaranteed prize pools.

Qualifiers are scheduled to start on June 28 and there will be two seasons in 2018. The most successful players will receive a share of the $150,000 prize.
The only downside is that while registration is open worldwide, participants must be in Seoul when the offline qualifiers start.

This means that come July 1, one would have to travel to the capital of South Korea to advance in the competition. The race for the championship begins after the best 16 players wrap up the qualifiers. These games will be broadcasted live in English and Korean on Blizzard’s Twitch channels. The venue is yet to be determined and more information will be revealed about KSL matches.