Street Fighter 6 Beta – New Release looks bigger than ever

Street Fighter 6’s journey to release has been pretty busy. Details are released all the time, with the latest batch of announcements being huge.

Street Fighter 6 Beta packed with new features was unveiled last week. We’ve got confirmation of most of the major new features hitting the game. We now even know when and how the process is gonna go. This is looking like one of the fullest Street Fighter experiences to date.

After the reaction to Street Fighter V, most fans seem pretty hyped about all of this news. This is everything they’ve announced at Tokyo Game Show for the game, and why it looks like one of the best fighting games to date.

Street Fighter 6 Beta

Street Fighter 6 Beta coming October 7th

The Street Fighter 6 Beta is going to be starting up in October of this year, just a short jump away. This comes off the back of the game being payable at loads of events, from an info drop at EVO to a demo at Comic Con. There are loads of playable characters now. With more seemingly added at every event. This weekend whereas players had a hands-on with a good chunk of the roster.

This is going to be a closed beta, not an open one. However, all players can apply. This isn’t going to be a private early access closed to everyone but the top pro players. Instead, players can apply. You can do this via the Street Fighter 6 website. Applications are open until September 30.

This Street Fighter 6 beta is going to feature eight playable characters in total. Luke, Jamie, Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Kimberly, Juri, and Ken will all be there. There’s also going to be a variety of modes. There are training, casual matches, ranked, and you can even compete in tournaments. The full game will have more. However, this is a pretty fleshed out demo.

The Street Fighter 6 beta will feature crossplay on PS5, Xbox, and Steam. This is definitely going to help with matchmaking during the closed beta period.

Street Fighter 6’s New Modes and Games

Street Fighter 6 had a lot of news over the show. It’s not just the beta. We’ve had more characters confirmed with looks at how the game is actually going to play. The trailer confirmed Ken, Blanka, Dhalsim, and E. Honda for the game’s roster.

The trailer also showed off the World Tour mode. In this section, players will be able to customize a character and personalise a play style. You can move around the world of Street Fighter. That’s along with using your avatar in matches themselves.

We also saw a mode called Extreme Battle. This is a more party focused side of the fighting game. Players can use different rulesets to create a more casual or fun experience.

One of the major announcements of the weekend was about Ken. After some speculation, it has been confirmed that ken is not divorced! A smaller titbit, but fans seem happy to find out what’s been going on with the character and why he seems so much rougher this time around.

The Street Fighter 6 beta might be the big news. However, with all the modes announced so far this looks like a much more fleshed out version of the series.

What’s the Verdict so Far?

With so many different shows for Street Fighter 6, players have had a lot of chances to jump into the game. So far, it’s gotten praise. It seems to have elevated gameplay from Street Fighter V. While it is polishing and improving the core gameplay, it’s also adding more modes that will help the fighter stay fleshed out even if you’re not the best player.

With the Street Fighter 6 Beta releasing son though, players won’t have long to wait to try the title out for themselves.