Street Fighter 6 trailer teases bulkier characters in incredible detail

Street Fighter is one of the premier fighting game tournaments. It is iconic, and to many it is the best fighting game. The game just saw its latest esports tournament come to a conclusion with the Street Fighter Pro Tour. However, one big announcement blew that out of the water. Fans have seen their first tease for Street Fighter 6 this week. This is what got shown and what we know so far about the game:

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Announced

The conclusion of the Capcom Cup saw some big news come for both Street Fighter and fighting games as a whole. Street Fighter 6 was unveiled. A new iteration is definitely a big deal for fighting esports. The conclusion of The Pro Tour Finals saw the trailer get released and unveiled, making sure that even this online event grabbed everyone’s attention.

The trailer that was unveiled didn’t include too much information about the game. All we really got was a flashy logo and a new version of both Ryu and Luke. These are some of the most iconic characters in fighting games. Th new designs are more polished and offer a bit of a hint as to how this new game is going to look.

Luke originally the final character added to Street Fighter V, so he’s been of a sequel hook this entire time. That’s likely the significance of his inclusion alongside Ryu here.

This is just an initial reveal right now though. More details aren’t going to be unveiled for a little bit, it looks likely that the summer is the best bet for when more details will come out. Hopefully we’ll see more of a roster and information on what is going to be new.

Check out the short teaser:

Reactions – Why Now?

The big question with Street Fighter fans lately has been why the game has taken so very long. There’s been loads of Street Fighter games if we include the different variations, spin offs, and ports over the years. However, the mainline games are quite a bit more limited. The last game was Street Fighter V, which has been in use since 2016! It’s been 6 years since the game’s initial release. While there’s plenty of content added over the years this is quite a long time for the title.

Fans have wondered what took so long and have even speculated that there’s been internal problems at Capcom during development that led to all of these delays. However, to others a 6-year wait isn’t too long in the modern development cycle. That’s especially with added content being regularly released for games beyond the basic first release.

Street Fighter 6 isn’t entirely fleshed out yet but this reveal is interesting. We’ll have to hold off and see how the game looks with more details revealed. However, we can safely say this game is going to have a decent esports representation once it is released. It’s probably going to become one of the biggest fighting games active and potentially a contender for esports betting too.