Do we need a new Summoner’s Cup? – Replacing esports’ iconic trophy

The Summoners Cup is one of the most iconic trophies in esports. It’s awarded to the players that win the LoL World Championship. The trophy only started in 2012, but having such an over-the-top prize has contributed a lot to the sense of hype at the tournament.

It’s was announced last week that a new Summoner’s Cup is being produced by Tiffany & Co.

While some fans are behind a refresher for the Summoner’s Cup, others aren’t too happy. Few esports trophies have the appeal of recognisability that you’ll find that traditional sports trophies. The iconic Summoners Cup did. This is why it’s getting changed and why some aren’t ecstatic about the change coming to the trophy.

LoL Summoners Cup


New Summoners Cup from Tiffany & Co

The Summoner’s Cup in LoL is getting a revamp for Worlds 2022 . The physical Summoner’s Cup is going to be an entirely new trophy, this time created by Tiffany & Co. We don’t know for sure what the new design is going to be like. However, it might be primed to continue the over-the-top style of the current one.

While the new Summoner’s Cup may mix things up, but plenty of players are attached to the old one.

Old Summoner’s Cup was iconic

The original trophy was definitely iconic. It’s succeeded where most esports trophies have failed by actually being recognizable outside of the title it represents, unlike most physical trophies that aren’t anything all that crazy. The old Summoner’s Cup had some specific features that stood out.

It was huge and heavier than it really had any right to be. Weighing over 70 pounds, it was considerably more than what most trophies weigh. For comparison, the FIFA World Cup trophy weighs 13 lbs, the Ryder Cup weighs 4 lbs, and the Super Bowl trophy weighs 7 lbs. The Summoner’s Cup has even made its way in-game in a number of cosmetics. It’s safe to say the design is a pretty big part of LoL esports.

What we had was so ridiculously over the top, that it couldn’t help but grab attention. It’s a reflection of Riot Games not really knowing what a trophy is supposed to be, instead, it completely overshoots the norm with an insane, hefty cup.

But, that was in part what made it so recognizable.

New Summoners Cup

Is a New Summoner’s Cup Needed?

The old Summoner’s Cup is iconic. A new Summoner’s Cup is a headline event that signifies change, but not everyone thinks it’s needed. Some LoL fans have voiced concern that the new trophy won’t live up to the reputation of the old one. When you’re replacing something as important as the original, there’s going to be resistance.

Most will properly reserve judgment until we get a decent look at the new cup. It isn’t really clear if this was necessary at all. However, with a sponsorship behind it the replacement likely didn’t take any resources away from esports. Those skeptical of the decision should hold off to see how the new cup looks before making any big judgments though.

Maybe the new cup will end up the same shape, but a polished up version of the old one. Just fancier in-lay and a tad lighter, so a single player can lift it without getting a hernia. Or maybe we get something different entirely. It’s all guess-work at this stage.