Cody Schwab Wins Genesis X in Climatic Final

This weekend, we saw the Genesis X tournament take place which was a huge event for Super Smash Bros. Across each version of the series featured, we saw some surprising results. Cody Schwab took another major win in Melee, a result that saw Zain knocked down to third place. Ultimate similarly had a few upsets in store for fans. This is how the finals went down.

Genesis X - Ultimate Final

Source: GenesisGG, YouTube

Cody Schwab Wins Melee Genesis X

Melee had a stacked roster for Genesis X. By the time we got to the final bracket, it had been narrowed down to just the top players out there. In the winner bracket final, we saw Cody Schwab win his match-up against aMSa. Zain, often called the best Melee player right now, took out moky in the losers bracket to face aMSa in the Finals.

In the losers bracket final, aMSa ensured he made it back through to the final, after taking Zain 3-2. Results like this are always interesting and show how far the Yoshi main has been able to take the character recently. Our grand final was Cody up against aMSa. While it was closer than their clash back in the winners’ bracket, Cody Schwab just edged ahead at 3-2.

In recent tournaments, both players have risen to the very top of their field. It’ll be interesting to see where their development and raking goes from here.

Genesis X - Cody Schwab

Source: GenesisGG, YouTube

Zomba and Sonix Clash in Ultimate Genesis X Finals

In the Ultimate section of things, things went a bit surprisingly. Opening up the winners final, we had Zomba against Sparg0 where Sparg0 was knocked down to losers. While not out of the tournament in full, Sonix was steep competition in the losers’ final. Up against the Sonic main, Sparg0 was knocked out and ensured a very different final than the MKLeo MuteAce match-up at Genesis 9.

In the final for Ultimate, we saw a game between Zomba and Sonix. Zomba initially lost the first round, in a very close 3-2 finish. This forced a bracket reset. In this second round though Zomba had a cleaner win at 3-1. Going to a bracket reset made this a close round though and both Zomba and Sonix had some impressive performances here.

Genesis X - Ultimate Final

Source: GenesisGG, YouTube

Genesis X Preview

A new Smash Bros tournament is kicking off this weekend, the return of GENESIS. The new event, GENESIS X, will be our biggest so far in 2024. It’s due to feature a ton of the biggest Smash Bros players turning up, with tournaments for the vast majority of games in the series.

What can we expect at Genesis X? The event’s latest installment will be a chance to see some of the best Smash players competing. We’ll be seeing tournaments in Melee and Ultimate, but also some of the lesser-seen areas of Smash. This is what’s happening over the weekend.



GENESIS X Format and More

The GENESIS series is one of the biggest in competitive Smash Bros. The San Jose offline event is returning for a tenth installment, taking place from February 16-18th. The event will feature tournaments for the original Nintendo 64 Smash Bros, melee, Brawl, and Ultimate. The only missing title is Smash 4.

Each of the games featured is getting similar tournaments. We’re seeing a wider pool round, followed by a finals bracket. Melee, 64, and Ultimate are all getting doubles tournaments too. Although it’s the singles that are the biggest draw for GENESIS X. These are the main events at GENESIS X:


The Melee singles event is probably the biggest at GENESIS carrying a prize pool of $23,085. Quite a few of the biggest players will be at this tournament. We’ll see the players competing for the number 1 slot in the game here, like Cody Schwab and Zain. We’re also going to see Jmook, moky, Leffen, aMSa, Hungrybox, and Mango. It’s our most stacked tournament so far this year.


The Brawl event is a little smaller at GENESIS X. There’s only a $640 prize, but it’s always fun to see players revisiting one of the more controversial games in the series. Some of the players involved in this part of the tournament are Cody and Player-1.


Link Combos Smash Ultimate

Source: Nintendo

Ultimate is one of the best fighting games, and its competitive scene has reached an interesting place in 2024. This event at GENESIS X is going to be big. The prize pool here is just below Melee, at $22,545. Just like the other games, we’ve got most of the biggest players attending. We’ll see MKLeo, Sparg0, Miya, Sonix, Gluttony, Tweek, and more here.

Other Games at GENESIS X

Those are all of the major events for Smash at GENESIS X. There are smaller events running for the original Smash Bros at GENESIS X too! However, the tournament series has gone past just offering Smash. There are a few other games that will be getting events here too. These are the other titles featured at GENESIS.

  • Street Fighter 6
  • Guilty gear Strive
  • Tekken 8
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising
  • Under Night In-Birth II [Sys:Celes]
  • Capcom vs SNK 2
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

Fans of fighting game esports will have a lot of tournaments to watch over the weekend! Between all of these events, Smash, and other tournaments like the Capcom Cup LCQ, it’s a packed weekend.

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