Tarkov Arena Game Details Revealed by Developer

Escape From Tarkov: ARENA has had countless details revealed on Twitter, and it looks incredible. Today, Battlestate Games took to the airwaves to reveal content from the Alpha Build of Escape From Tarkov: ARENA, the all-new, standalone multiplayer platform coming to the Tarkov universe in the (possibly not) near future. In a series of images, stacks of information was retrieved by eagle-eyed fans of Escape From Tarkov, uncovering basically everything we could want to know about the game.

It’s a massive undertaking, as Escape From Tarkov has existed in its current state (relatively) since 2016. It has always been an extraction shooter, and essentially, it has pioneered the genre. Now, with the launch of Escape From Tarkov: ARENA, PvP-focused fans of the franchise will be able to embark on a journey to competitive multiplayer stardom. This platform will better serve the fans of non-stop, no-holds-barred action and gunplay, and perhaps it’ll open the door to more esports activity in Tarkov.

Could Tarkov Arena Hold Esports Potential?

escape from tarkov arena

Image Credit: TarkovArena on Twitter

For a very long time, certain organising bodies, including Battlestate Games itself, have tried to host esports tournaments on the Escape From Tarkov platform. It has been a relatively difficult venture, and for the most part, it has taken on a similar structure to Call of Duty Warzone esports events. By that, we mean that competitors acquire their points and climb the ladder while playing in public lobbies.

However, Tarkov Arena could perfect the esports potential that Tarkov itself has boasted for so long, given that it is, at its heart, a multiplayer shooter. It’s nothing but arena-based combat, pitting players against each other in a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 format. In the images posted to Twitter, several new maps were revealed, as was a split between Ranked and Unranked play. There was a suggestion that an all-new career mode would be found within Arena as well, but no information is known about that.

It’s everything that Tarkov players know and love, but it’s definitely recognisable as an all-new platform. It may utilise the same engine, character models, and assets, but it’s putting out a completely different vibe. In the screenshots posted by Battlestate Games, it simply looks like an honest-to-God competitive multiplayer shooter.

What Was Revealed About Tarkov Arena?

escape from tarkov arena maps

Image Credit: TarkovArena on Twitter

As we’ve already mentioned, Tarkov Arena will boast both Ranked and Unranked queues, and so far, three main game modes have been revealed: Shootout Tournament, Last Hero, and Teamfight. There’s something for everyone in Tarkov Arena, and it seems as though presets and loadouts will be the norm, along with the Halo-esque system of leaving loot around the map to be equipped mid-battle.

We saw a series of maps revealed that will be scattered around Tarkov: Equator, Bay 5, Air Pit, and Bowl. There was also a reference to a ranking or token system called ‘GLP’, which could be a throwback to the age-old Contract Wars, the predecessor title to Escape from Tarkov that used ‘GP Coins’ as in-game currency. It seems as though players will unlock or earn GLP via the platform, and it’s assumed they’ll use that GLP to unlock items in the game.

Whatever happens from here on out, Tarkov Arena is exciting, and as a standalone title, it’ll be accessible to almost any player – on PC only, of course. There’s no requirement to own Escape From Tarkov, but if you do, and you have the Edge of Darkness edition, you’ll reportedly gain free access to Tarkov Arena when it launches.

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