Team Heretics gave an amazing FIFA 22 skills showcase at TOTS Cup

FIFA 22 Global Series TOTS Cup has come to an end. Team Heretics managed to reach the trophy, after the 3-day main event.

It was a messy and wonderful journey for many teams.

Levante UD and FUTWIZ, two of the leading favorites, left the tournament early following their matches in groups. Ajax eSports, Complexity Gaming, and NEO had a tough journey into the Playoffs, due to poor group stage performances.

Heretics FIFA 22


Heretics at TOTS Cup Playoffs – 24 teams and intense matches

The FIFA 22 Global Series TOTS Cup hosted a total of 32 teams, 16 from the qualifiers and 16 invited. The tournament, which began on April 29, started with the group stage in which the Round Robin format was applied and 32 teams were divided into groups of 4. Although it was the beginning of the event, surprising results were seen at the first stage.

All teams that finished their group in the top 3 qualified for the playoffs. However, teams that placed third in their groups started got seeds into the loser-bracket, while teams that finished in the top 2 took their place in the upper-bracket.

Containing 24 teams, the Playoffs initiated huge excitement. Just in the first round, the two contenders for the grand final, Fnatic and Guild Esport, faced each other. European giant Fnatic came out of this struggle alive. However, they lost to Team Heretics in the semi-finals and Dire Wolves in the lower-bracket Round 5.

Team Heretics, the winner of the tournament, gave an unwavering performance from start to finish. Taking place in Group F, the team finished their group in first place by firstly beating Timbers 3-2 and then KRU Esports in penalties. In the event that was played in 2v2 mode, both players on the team needed to put in decent performances in order to be successful and the Heretics’ players did just that.

The Playoff journey was quite challenging for Heretics. Facing Case Esports in the first round, whom they defeated 3-2. After that, they managed to beat DUX Gaming with the same score. Their opponents in the semi-finals were Fnatic. Although they stumbled, Heretics defeated Fnatic with 3-2, and the 2-0 in the upper-bracket final and made their way to the finals.

The opponent of the Spain-based team in the final was Dire Wolves, who came from difficult challenges. Although the Oceania representative put on an unexpectedly outstanding performance, they’ve lost 4-1 to Heretics in the grand final.

With this result, Team Heretics and Dire Wolves qualified for the FIFAe Club World Cup 2022. In addition, both teams received their share of the $500,000 prize pool.

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