Team Liquid, the VCT Champions heavyweights you didn’t see coming

Early in 2021, Team Liquid was the team to beat heading into VCT Masters Reykjavik. A team with natural talents for VALORANT combined with veteran experience, it felt as if they had all the pieces to make a top team. But in Iceland, it did not pan out. Instead, they failed to make the finals and ultimately finished 4th. They try to exact revenge at VCT Masters Berlin, but fail to even qualify for the Stage 3 event.

Team Liquid was one series loss away from their entire 2021 season going to waste. But a miraculous decision to bring on new member Nivera completely shifted the tides of the team to where they have yet to experience a series loss. Now, following a decisive 2-0 victory against Cloud9 in the VCT Champions quarterfinals, Team Liquid is just two series wins away from being crowned the VCT Champions.

Team Liquid VALORANT

Team Liquid

Despite entering the end-of-the-year tournament as the EMEA fourth seed, Team Liquid is the favorite to win it all. And while things may appear seamless from an outsider’s perspective, Team Liquid’s road at VCT Champions was left with many roadblocks in their way.

Liquid’s confidence through adversity

Team Liquid’s streak with Nivera came to an abrupt standstill when it was revealed their young star had contracted Covid. Left unable to play on the stage at VCT Champions, many felt that it would hinder Team Liquid’s performance.

Instead, it become the biggest source of their motivation.

“It actually boosted our morale.” – Dom “soulcas” Sulcas shared in the press conference. “We were expecting to not even be able to play with Nivera, but the fact we can play with him motivated us even more.”

Team Liquid looked stoic to all adversity sent their way. And while many may chalk it up to their natural talents, there is a lot more to their stunning victories.

“We just look at each round as an individual game itself.” Soulcas shared when asked about where Team Liquid’s resilience comes from. “It is really important to isolate each round mentally and not think about what happened in the past,” Soulcas concludes.

What has made Team Liquid impressive throughout this stretch has not been their ability to maintain their win streak with Nivera. It is in the fashion they are able to maintain it all. No matter the deficit, Team Liquid has a certain heir to them where you can feel that they will somehow mount a comeback.

Ramping up just at the right moment, the tournament is primed for Liquid. It is primed for them to make one of the greatest late-season runs in all of esports.

Who will stop Team Liquid at VCT Champions?

Even through adversity, Team Liquid is showcasing why they were always viewed as the dark horses of VCT Champions. And now, their confidence is brimming. Team Liquid is set to face off against Acend on December 11. Here, only one of them will move forward into the grand finals of VALORANT’s first World Championships. With just three days, before a winner is crowned, Team Liquid will look to complete their end-of-the-year resurgence with a title.

“I don’t think there are too many teams that can beat us on our current form right now.” Soulcas shares. “It feels like we are untouchable. We are playing with so much confidence and I intend to keep it that way. Soulcas concluded.

Team Liquid, Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, Dom “soulcas” Sulcas

After the conclusion of the Group stage, the  VCT Champions 2021 Playoffs Semifinal ended up featuring three out of the four European teams. The growing race for the VCT Champions title heats up in the final few days, and an all EU champion is likely.

You should definitely consider Team Liquid in your late Valorant bets. Check with our Esports News for more VALORANT related articles throughout VCT Champions 2021.