Team Secret vs OG – DreamLeague Season 15 Match Betting Lines

Four weeks into the DreamLeague Season 15, and frankly, there have been multiple letdowns. Both Team Secret and OG suffered a loss to Alliance, who’s currently top seeds on the scoreboard. Considering Alliance’s flop at the Singapore Major last month, this comes as an unpleasant surprise for their European rivals. Is EU Dota 2 really that bad?

Anyways, it’s finally time for the ultimate showdown, Team Secret versus OG, live on May 9, at 3 AM (UTC+8).

Secret vs OG

Team Secret – Move aside, old champ.

The once renowned Team Secret seems to be struggling to stay afloat in the competition. This is a shocker, considering that they were top seeds in the last DreamLeague Season 14 and topped fourth place at Singapore Major.

Both losses were dealt by decent opponents in the DreamLeague Season 15. Namely, Nigma, with their latest addition to their roster, Igor “iLTW” Filatov, giving this team a refreshing debut. If anything, Alliance’s sudden showing of strength was the real talk of the town. With no roster changes, it’s baffling to believe Alliance was stomping its competition when they did not win a dime at the Singapore Major.

However, we will give credit where it’s due, as it was a hard-fought battle between these European powerhouses. Team Secret tried to bring back the classic Gyrocopter and Io combo, which isn’t the most innovative strategy. Since the recent updates, fast-paced fight-oriented drafts have been the norm. Popular among aggressive teams, such as Alliance’s Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov.

OG – Anathan has returned

Team Secret isn’t the only team down under for their recent upset versus Alliance. OG, too lost their fight against the Swedish powerhouse. Even so, OG fans are still very enthusiastic to see Anathan “ana” Pham in action.

Perhaps OG is saving cheese strategies for the International 10, as we certainly haven’t seen any unorthodox hero picks from ana. Nevertheless, he is still a versatile carry player, featuring some of his signature heroes, such as Phantom Lancer, Slark and Juggernaut.

Meanwhile, the rest of OG opted for the four-support-one-carry tactic. With ana on the frontline, all they have to do is maintain their distance and keep ana safe from harm’s way. We see this often played out by Nigma with Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi but at a much proficient scale.

With Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, providing a unique way of supporting ana, OG is definitely able to muster out some amazing plays.

Team Secret vs OG Betting Odds and Analysis

As far as Dota 2 odds go, Team Secret is still a heavy favorite thanks to their Singapore Major achievement. At an x1.53 odd on Team Secret, while OG has an x2.43, there’s certainly room for a reasonable underdog wager. Now don’t get us wrong, OG still looks like a cornered rat, judging from their rather underwhelming showing in past weeks. However, it’s a sight for sore eyes for OG fans hoping to support their favorite bandwagon.

Of course, going for more defined bets, like; Correct Map Score of 2:1 in favor of Team Secret, could give a hefty x3.25 return. Alternatively, rooting for OG for 2:1 victory will promise an even juicier x4.24 reward.

Perhaps you are looking into Dynamic Market bets? We got you covered with some crucial geek stats. Team Secret secured First Blood successfully in eight out of twelve games (67%), while OG had five out of eight games (63%). OG has the better return for this particular bet on GG.BET, at x2.02 over Team Secret’s x1.74 odd.

OG has a habit of constantly forcing fights across the map while ana farms peacefully. A bet on OG Mach Total Kills to surpass 74.5 kills seems plausible and will return at least x2.4. Team Secret, on the other hand, prefer objective-based movement and only force fights when they know they can win. Hence, a Team Secret Match Total Kills to be under 64.5 kills can root x2.65 return.

The clash between two European powerhouses is not something you want to miss. Furthermore, it’s even merrier with ana around! While you are at it, raise the stakes with some fun Esports betting, which we got you covered with tips and guides too.