Best VPN For Gaming in 2023 | The Ultimate VPN Guide

In recent years, the practice of using a VPN for gaming has skyrocketed. For some, it’s borderline cheating, as the key desire is to enter lobbies hosted in a region with ‘less competition’. For others, it’s a way to remain safe while playing online and keep personal information as secret as possible. However, grey area or not, everyone is eager to find out about the best VPN for gaming in 2023 – it can bring about countless benefits, after all.

In this guide, we’ll be listing out the best VPNs for gaming across multiple platforms: PC, console, and mobile. If you’ve been wondering about investing in the best VPN for gaming, look no further than this guide – we’re going to clear up just which service that is. Read on to learn everything you need to know about VPNs and how they can ultimately aid your gaming experiences.

best vpn for gaming

Why Use a VPN For Gaming?

Essentially, using a VPN for gaming ensures you’re protected from DDoS attacks, it reduces your risk of exposure by hiding your personal information, and it can help you ‘dodge’ cheaters in certain games. They’re some of the key benefits of using a VPN for gaming, but we’ve compiled a full guide explaining why you should use one.

How to Use a VPN for Gaming

It’s quite easy to use VPNs, as the services are designed to be versatile and accessible – and very user-friendly. That doesn’t mean that you won’t need help figuring out the more complex services, though – and that’s why we’ve compiled a full guide that’ll teach you how to use a VPN for gaming.

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Top 5 Best VPN For Gaming in 2023

So, out of the dozens of services that exist, what is the best VPN For gaming in 2023? There are two key services that are tried and tested among gamers, but they both require a paid subscription. They’re unparalleled in what they offer, and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for hte best VPN for console gaming or the best VPN for cloud-based gaming, they’re there to support you.



NordVPN has been around for quite a while, and thanks to some key partnerships with content creators and streamers, it has seen its profile grow immeasurably over the years. It’s an easy-to-use, one-stop solution for gaming looking to soak up the benefits of a VPN for gaming, and it’s not all that expensive, either. It can be paid for either monthly or yearly, and while there isn’t a free option, it’s well worth the money simply for how reliable it is.

It’s best known for providing lag-free, high-speed connectivity that can be activated with the press of a button. It’s arguably the best VPN for PC gaming in 2023 – and that’s saying something.

Here’s our key information regarding NordVPN:

Average Speed and Bandwidth Limits:No monthly limits, average speed around 200Mbps (location-dependant)
Price1-Month: $12.99
12-Month: $59.98
24-Month: $95.76

There are 'tiers' with NordVPN - Plus offers use of a password manager, and Complete offers the use of a secure and encrypted cloud backup system.
Simultaneous Connections:6 devices
How Many Countries?60
Pros:• Fastest speeds on the market
• Focused on encryption and privacy
Cons:• Very expensive for the highest tier ($14.99 a month)
P2P Rating (Gaming Suitability):Very good, no restrictions



Those that aren’t using NordVPN are using ExpressVPN – it’s that simple. It’s considered by many reviewers to be the best VPN for gaming by far, simply because it’s so simple and effective. Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN works across a range of platforms, but it’s arguably best designed for those looking to use the top VPN for PC gaming. It’s ever so slightly more expensive than NordVPN, but it’s perfect for streamers and content creators, and it’s accessible across so many different devices.

If there’s one drawback to ExpressVPN, it’s that it’s only accessible to a certain amount of devices at once, but that’s not a problem for an individual user.

Here’s our key information regarding ExpressVPN:

Average Speed and Bandwidth Limits:No monthly limits, average speed of 193Mbps (location-dependant)
Price-per-month1-Month: $12.95
6-Month: $9.99
12-Month: $8.32
Simultaneous Connections:5 (with 1-monthly plan) or 8 (with 6- or 12-monthly plan)
How Many Countries?94
Pros:• Stable speeds
• Simple application
Cons:• Fairly expensive service
P2P Rating (Gaming Suitability):Very good, no restrictions



Surfshark is one of the cheaper VPNs on the market but it’s by no means the weakest – and it’s perfect for those looking to play games online using a VPN. It’s a relatively fast and stable offering that boasts an intricate network of more than three thousand servers around the world, but that remarkable infrastructure doesn’t even cost all that much to subscribe to. It’s not as customisable as ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but it’s a solid service regardless.

If you’re eager to avoid cheaters and cut down on that network lag, then perhaps it’s worth investing the small amount needed to pick up a Surfshark subscription.

Here’s our key information regarding Surfshark:

Average Speed and Bandwidth Limits:No monthly limits, average speed of around 300Mbps (location-dependant)
Price-per-month1-Month: $12.95
12-Month: $3.99
24-Month: $2.49
Simultaneous Connections:Unlimited
How Many Countries?100
Pros:• One of the cheapest services, long-term
• Can be faster than NordVPN
Cons:• Not as configurable as other services
P2P Rating (Gaming Suitability):Very good, no restrictions



As the name suggests, IPVanish is one of the best VPN services for gamers looking to hide their identities online. It’s an affordable service that will ensure players are protected from malicious operators online, and despite not boasting the stunningly high speeds of a NordVPN, IPVanish is still a top-tier offering when it comes to finding the best VPN for gaming. It essentially offers up the ability to connect to fifty-two different countries, so you’ll be able to link to a server wherever you are.

It’s certainly one of the most secure VPNs on the market. We won’t bore you with the technical specification, but it boasts intense encryption mechanics and elements like traffic obfuscation.

Here’s our key information regarding IPVanish:

Average Speed and Bandwidth Limits:No monthly limits, average speed of around 180Mbps (location-dependant)
Price-per-month1-Month: $10.99
3-Month: $29.99 (per quarter)
12-Month: $89.99 (per year, half-price for the first year)
Simultaneous Connections:Unlimited
How Many Countries?50
Pros:• Security conscious - doesn't track or store online activity
• Half-price offer for the first year
Cons:• Customer support isn't the best
P2P Rating (Gaming Suitability):Very good, no restrictions



CyberGhost is a fantastic and versatile service that offers users the ability to connect to more than 7,000 servers across almost one hundred countries. It’s a strong platform that boasts a positive money-back guarantee, just in case you’re not happy with what you’ve bought, and it has one of the coolest names in the business – CyberGhost. If you want to use a VPN for gaming, CyberGhost is compatible with countless multiplayer titles, and with a high count of simultaneous connections, you can have plenty of devices linked at once.

Here’s our key information regarding CyberGhost:

Average Speed and Bandwidth Limits:No bandwidth limits; average speed around 90Mbps (location-dependant)
Price-per-month1-Month: $12.99
6-Month: $6.99
24-Month: $2.19
Simultaneous Connections:7
How Many Countries?91
Pros:• Cheapest VPN we've found (outside of free services)
• 6,000 servers to connect to
Cons:• Restrictions on payment options
P2P Rating (Gaming Suitability):Very good, no restrictions

Are There Free VPNs for Gaming?

There are free VPN services but they’re typically restricted quite heavily in what they offer. There may be geographical restrictions, bandwidth limitations, and download speed limits – but they’re free, right? We’ve put together a full guide that’ll outline the best free VPN services, so you don’t have to trawl the internet searching for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best VPN for Gaming

Should I Use a VPN For Gaming??

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use a VPN for gaming – but bear in mind that certain developers can see using one as a breach of their Terms of Service. It’s important to check that you’re safe before using a VPN for gaming.

Are VPNs Good For Gaming?

They absolutely are – they introduce a range of benefits that users can take advantage of to have a safer, more efficient gaming experience overall.

Are There Free VPNs for Gaming?

There are free VPNs for gaming, but as we’ve highlighted above, they’re typically not very effective and have their limitations. 

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