Tekken Online Challenge Latest – US Central and EU Southwest

The Tekken Online Challenge has been gradually progressing over the last few months. The game has really started to heat up in recent weeks. We’ve seen quite a few of regional events take place now, and there are some clear outstanding players emerging from the game. This is the Tekken Online Challenge latest, and important recent developments.

Tekken Online Challenge progress report

 The Tekken Online Challenge is a replacement for the Tekken World Tour, now shifted online. The event has been a bit of an adjustment for some players, with the online working well but impacting a few matchups:

The event has been taking divided up into different regions. This began with the EU, but it has nearly completed now. All that’s left to play is Japan, US West, and the Philippines. There’s has been some good action in  what’s already been seen. The event hasn’t proved much of a replacement to the Tekken World Cup, with interest definitely lower than for previous Tekken events. This is the Tekken Online Challenge latest for the recent tournaments.

US Central

One of the major parts of the Tekken Online Challenge latest is the US central leg of the tournament. This was a two horse race the whole way through. Shadow 20z and Joonya 20z both stormed through the winners bracket. Before they met in the winner’s final, having both conclusively won their previous matches. In the winners’ final Shadow beat joonya 3-1.

Joonya then went on to destroy the winner of the losers bracket 3-0, before being matched straight back up against Shadow in the grand finals. Shadow did win out in the second game, just as he had in their previous game. However, the round was a bit closer and its clear these two players were head and shoulders above the competition. Both players even hail from the same team.

EU Southwest

The EU Southwest leg of the tournament was a little less one-sided. This was the regional event to take place just before US Central. The finals came down to two Italian players, Deathadder and Mitrust-Storm. Deathadder had predictably sailed through the winners bracket. Mitrust-Storm however had a bit more trouble. He was knocked out of the semi-finals and had to progress through a few rounds of the losers bracket to get back into the grand finals.

While Deathadder deserved his two 3-0 wins in the finals. Although the other player had an impressive comeback that’s a sign of good things to come from this player.

What’s Next for the Tekken Online Challenge Finals?

The Tekken Online Challenge has been a lot of fun to watch, some great gameplay going on despite the constricts. The event is clearly a bit less exciting than the actual world tour would have been, but this has definitely made the best of a bad situation.  There are still a few more events due to take place in the series though. Most notably, the Philippines and Japan legs of the regional event are due over the rest of November and December. The Japanese leg might be one of the most interesting, given the better online infrastructure and the skill of the players involved.

While the Tekken Online Challenge hasn’t been a perfect replacement for the World Tour, it has been great to fit in a bit of competitive Tekken even in a bad year.

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