The International 10 Power Rankings – There can only be one winner

The International 10 (TI10) is about to begin in just days. It certainly feels different this time around, as TI10 will not have a live audience for the first time. However, we are seeing quite a disbalance in regional representatives as well, with prominent European powerhouses, such as Team Liquid and Nigma missing out. Needless to say, the TI10 power ranking this year is very unique.

Top 10 Teams: DOTA 2 The International Power Rankings

In our take on TI10 power rankings, we consider various factors, which include team line-up, playstyle, and their overall performance in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021).

After all, Dota 2 has had its fair share of new meta and updates since TI10 was postponed. Hence, what was good three months ago wouldn’t be as effective in today’s standards per se. Of course, we will also look into the rumors and COVID-19 scenario happening at TI10.

The International 10 Power Rankings

10. Elephant

For a team that barely qualified for TI10 through the China regional qualifiers, some may argue Elephant wasn’t worthy. And there is truth to that statement, considering Elephant did not live up to our hype and expectations.

Yet, Elephant still has what we call an all-star roster of the decade. Former PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming veterans joined hands to form this powerhouse to rock the Chinese scene. Perhaps after an entire DPC season’s worth of practice, Elephant might be looking forward to tramp on its opponents at TI10.

We will give Elephant a second chance to redeem themselves since they did have their moments, notably the one time Xu “fy” Linsen had a 145K gold lead as a support player.

9., the second runner-up in DPC 2021. Now, at first glance, VP being in ninth place on the TI10 power ranking raises quite the debate among Dota 2 fans. However, if we look back at how VP earned their DPC points, it wasn’t much to brag about.

They won the Eastern European regional league twice, earning themselves a good chunk of DPC points, but disappointed big-time in the majors. Hence, despite VP’s dominance in their region, they have been underwhelming even against teams that didn’t make it into the top 10 list here.

8. Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming is another Chinese candidate that has been very consistent throughout the DPC 2021. Sure, it’s nothing fancy like scoring a top-three finish, but they landed fourth in WePlay AniMajor and seventh in Singapore Major.

After all, it’s their consistent objective-based playstyle and discipline that made VG one of China’s most established teams in TI10. Not particularly high tempo, such as the Southeast Asian team, T1, but VG is certainly the personification of Chinese Dota.

Hence, we can rely on VG to give even the upcoming higher-ranked teams a run for their money.

7. Quincy Crew

Ah, one of the North American candidates, Quincy Crew. Despite the hate that the NA Dota scene gets, Quincy Crew deserves every bit of respect for making it into TI0. At the seventh place on this TI10 power ranking, but frankly, QC could go way above and beyond in situational matches.

Before that, a quick backstory on QC is a walking contradiction of what describes NA teams, short-term. Quincy Crew’s roster has been together for two years, definitely much longer than the average team in the region. With the team’s persistence and loyalty paying off, QC is definitely a decent force to be reckoned with.

Just goes to show that the NA region isn’t all that bad, if a bunch of seasoned players stick it up and played it for the long run.

6. Team OG

Finally, the team with the biggest fanbase in Dota 2. OG somehow made it onto the list because they are kickstarting a new journey with Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan. It’s a fresh start for a team that doesn’t have two of its founding members that brought them glory.

Then again, is SumaiL really good news for team OG? Now, don’t get us wrong, SumaiL is arguably the best mid player of his time. Considering his young age and cunning playstyle, the kid’s got unlimited potential up his sleeves. However, SumaiL never really found success in any teams he played for, besides his first team, Evil Geniuses.

Since then, he has been team-hopping for so long that OG picked him up again. Well, this isn’t the first time OG announced their refurbished roster with the TI5 champ in it. Nevertheless, there are still key players in the team, namely, Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs and captain Johan “N0tail” Sundstein.

5. Team Secret

Finally, on our upper quartile of TI10 power rankings, we have Team Secret. It’s the TI1 champion, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s brainchild. Some might even claim that he found more success running Team Secret than what he was known for during his first three Internationals debuts. Puppey carries his pride and fame as one of the few pro players to attend the Internationals since TI1.

Besides Puppey, Team Secret’s rest of the league are no joke as well, housing TI champions and well-established players alike. As far as regional rankings are concerned, Team Secret has been Western Europe’s strongest representative for the past three years.

Nevertheless, Team Secret does have some caveats, where they aren’t too effective playing against more disciplined opponents, notably Chinese powerhouses. And this could still be Team Secret’s downfall if they were to face some of China’s best teams.

4. Invictus Gaming

Hailing at fourth place, is the Singapore Major champions themselves, Invictus Gaming. Unlike the many featured teams on the Dota 2 The International power ranking, IG started off as a typical Chinese candidate.

They were decent, but nobody anticipated them to deliver a clean flip on EG. During the Singapore Major grand finals, IG was down by two games, and about to lose the decisive third too. However, things begin to turn around after they managed to hold out EG’s high ground push.

What sets off the game was Zhou “Emo” Yi starting to taunt EG in all-chat. It’s mental warfare, to get EG to lower their guards, and EG fell for it. It was what IG needed to create a comeback and claim the major champions title.

Although IG has fallen off in the second major, many speculated that IG was giving way to other teams to secure DPC points to qualify for TI10.

3. T1

SEA teams don’t usually scream performance, consistent playstyle or champions. However, T1 was the exception when they landed third in WePlay AniMajor, much better than anyone could have hoped.

T1 is often depicted as a team of ruckus, that caused chaotic team fights to go in their favor. It worked effectively at dismantling teams that relied on consistent and calculated pace of games. Even against EG and PSG.LGD, this SEA team still managed to snatch a game off the series.

Oftentimes, T1 seemingly excels in dragged-out matches, that give them leverage going into late game.

2. Evil Geniuses

EG is one of the select teams that needs no introduction. It’s North America only powerhouse with three founding members of their TI8 run. What’s new in the team is the addition of two SEA prodigies, leveraging their playing field even further.

It’s Abed Azel L. Yusop, whose elusive playstyle often makes him a one-man army in matches. Given the right conditions, Abed would lead the entire enemy team on a goose chase, a massive disrespect on his opponents. Yet, in most scenarios, Abed still somehow survives the ordeal, which technically makes space for his team to strive.


Despite EG’s considerable strength as the first runner-up on this TI10 power rankings, EG did not even scratch the surface of what PSG.LGD could perform. A good example is how EG lost 1-3 to PSG.LGD in the WePlay AniMajor grand finals.

It’s an absolute loss for EG, who found their playmaker, Abed, completely countered by PSG.LGD’s high level of drafting and playstyle. It goes without saying that PSG.LGD is undisputedly the strongest team in TI10. From third-place finish in Singapore Major to going on to win the second major, PSG.LGD has an ultimate prodigy, who goes by the name, Wang “Ame” Chunyu.

You can take our word that every TI10 participant knows that defeating PSG.LGD will be key to winning TI10 altogether.

Verdict: All Hail PSG.LGD

Hereby concludes the TI10 power ranking, which in its simplest form, is a mashup of what these teams have delivered on stage. Regardless, this Dota 2 The International power ranking did not take into account the teams affected by COVID-19. Which unfortunately will affect the teams’ stability and performance when TI10 goes live.

Anyways, we highly encourage that you keep track of the International 10 as the days unfold. The big reveal on the strongest teams in the group stage will be a major factor in rearranging our TI10 power ranking. Alternatively, you can bet on the International 10 for some cheap thrills, which we offer daily International 2021 predictions too.